Steering benefits

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Happened special emergency situations, such as dodge, almost all car oversteer occur naturally, active steering system, the start can perceive and millisecond time adjust steering Angle, that is to say, the reversal of the system can automatically the drivers unconsciously steering system to balance the body, so as to improve the driving safety, if the active steering system.When the vehicle itself is not sufficient to maintain a steady forward course, the stability control system will intervene in time to reduce engine power or on individual wheels so that the steering with the brakes in the orange steering-by-wire system is controlled by electronic signals.There is no direct mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the wheel.In order to rotate the system actively, even if the system fails, the steering action can still be carried out, but the steering Angle cannot be increased or decreased.All the information is analyzed in different ways on two separate computers.If the two computers produce the same result, the instructions will be accepted, and if the result is inconsistent, the system will shut down automatically.