How to avoid the congestion of Spring Festival travel in Guangzhou?

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As the Spring Festival approaches, many friends are preparing to take their families on road trips to neighboring cities.Spring Festival travel rush, as the world’s largest annual human migration, must be how to grab tickets, how to avoid rush hours, how to avoid congestion and so on.So how do you choose your route to avoid traffic jams?Following xiaobian from Guangzhou to have a look together!Spring breeze ten miles, as scenic area have you, hurry to act!Route 1: Karst landform route Self-drive tour Destination: Guizhou (Libo, Anshun, etc.)Guangzhou Ring Expressway — Guangzhou-Foshan Expressway — Guangzhou-San Expressway — Erguang-Guangzhou Expressway — Huaiji — Shanzhou-Kunming Expressway — Bao-Mao Expressway — Guilin (D1) — Quannan Expressway — Shanzhou-Kunming Expressway — Yaomao Interchange — Libo (D2) — Xiarong Expressway — Duweave Expressway — Guiyang Ring Expressway — Luzhou-Kunming Expressway — Anshun (D3, D4) — Yangshuo (D5) — Guangzhou (D6) Libo Small seven-arch Bridge is located in southern GuizhouLibo is a world Natural heritage site, blessed with abundant natural resources, and known as “the emerald on the belt of the earth”.The karst forest inside the scenic spot is the best preserved place today, imposing and magnificent, with unique precious forest resources, has important research value for science, human culture and other aspects.Yangshuo can be seen everywhere the reflection of interesting landscape, clear river water saw the bottom, along the grass along the dotted with cattle and osprey, sit on four or five bamboo poles into the bamboo row with the river drift, the bottom of the fish bow visible, such as to wonderland.If I live in this landscape, but what is the demand.Route 2: Terraced Fields with Folk characteristics Destination: Lao Jie in Vietnam and Honghe in YunnanGuangzhou beltway – guangfo highway, three highway, west on high speed, wide kun high-speed – nanning (D1) – to kunduz highway – yuan Yang county (D2) – talk high-speed – estuary (D3) – Vietnam old street – mouth – talk high-speed high-speed, honghe (D4), kunming, fengshan, guangzhou (D6) yunnan road, road landscape major of tourism in China in yunnan province,It has always been a unique landscape, beautiful scenery and abundant resources.The highlight of this route is the beauty of Hani Rice Terraces, yunnan’s rice terraces.Hani Rice Terraces in Honghe, Yunnan province, are located in the Ailao Mountains in southwestern Yunnan Province.The whole terrace scenery is beautiful, majestic, like a dragon stretching to the entire southern bank of the Red River, very spectacular.The local characteristics of “four seasons in one mountain, different days in ten miles” make farming culture have a long history.Yunnan honghe hani terrace beautiful scenery in China’s yunnan border, distance not far place called sabah, yunnan estuary is mountain resorts and summer resort in north Vietnam (though it is not summer, July can come here to play) in sabah, maintained a very traditional life, just like isolation,A different way of life is sure to open your eyes!They neither rejection nor of outsiders, at the same time local with strong French and European colonial culture color, want to contact history and culture of friends can go and have a look oh ~ sabah beach scenery, beautiful scenery, pleasant climate and local climate is very pleasant, belongs to the alpine climate, be regarded as the summer resort of southeast Asia,It is the most popular leisure resort for Western tourists and the first choice for self-driving travel.I hope my friends like it.Speaking of which, are you moving on the screen?Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section!If you like, please remember to click “like” + pay attention to oh!