About years of shallow together small as appropriate thick

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When to return and be an idler.Yes, a piano, a pot of wine, a stream of clouds.The end of the year is approaching.The 9-to-5 work is in full swing, with daily tasks flying like snow.At the end of the year, with my head bent over my paper desk, I take time out of my pile of work to stretch out and look up at the sky and admire the snowy evening scenery.Eye off the screen, keyboard fingers to stop flying in a flash, the breath of life seamlessly to the brain, all tired to back pain, busy to palpitate moments, to capture the wonderful side, try to hit a record, integrate into the new energy into the body, for drifting heart light transmission of micro warm, come on!People who grew up with them in their daily work;Come on!People embracing each other in the depths of winter.Especially miss xu is busy occupy the energy, until yesterday was aware of the New Year’s approach, seems to ignore life, indifferent to the self, cold and gentle.Or the people of the same company have entered the middle age of life, have no time to spare spare time.Rough pinch refers to a calculation, unexpectedly found that has not seen for a long time, the last small reunion is still in the late autumn of the wutong night rain, and at this time has come to the end of the year of the deep snow in winter.I don’t want to be ok, but I feel dark and in a hurry.Long time no see, especially miss the feeling of the moment teng cloud enveloped my thoughts, the mind is those memories of the good and sweet together.Reunion time is always short, the old cold days full of nostalgia.Life is long but with occasional regrets. Friendship is permanent but sometimes lost.Must, immediately, immediately, put on the agenda, get together, do the feelings of the present overflow, do not wait for him when the future is long.Language of light feeling strong thanks to the modern information technology, make in thoughts have reinforced a forest of buildings with man snowflakes drifting to the cloud, I can always get in touch with my dear friends, while missing breath is temperature, while the feelings of love is strong, a few mobile phone rushed to the few, also in the daily moderate, hear the invitation enthusiasm lovely creature.The voice of high manner incites the soul of the other party: New Year’s day together, each other to tell the truth, with people, with wine, with scrolls, shallow drink, light recite, complain of departure.Finally do not forget the kind back: dear, long time no see, miss you.Instantly, the wonderful warm feeling quickly gathered from the free air, the whole body and mind full and enriched, this should be the feeling of friendship for a long time, and a blessing in the day and night.The heavy responsibility accumulated over the years, gradually emerged more and more clearly in front of us and buried in the bottom of my heart, because of life, because of destiny, because of mission, because of meaning.A grindstone, walk straight, busy work in the head, the head of life, seems to be no extra energy back to the past, the spare time to take leisure count good, remember, had only a little time alone, also spent in meditation after sleep, well, the dream is still in the back of the shadow, can be the story of life had to continue to forward all the way.From this moment, look forward to the moment of gathering, those encounters and reunions that can touch memories and feel the future.Glad to meet time flies, time flies.In a hurry that year, passers-by, how many accompany in the journey of the four seasons scenery, how many scattered in the horizon of the past mood.I am not a melancholy guest on earth, but I know how sentimental the road is.Those daily times that used to laugh and play together, those simple days that used to think of life, have gone with the past snowflakes, old flowers drifting to the distant sky, into a poem into the painting in the light ink white, MMS plain notes, into a frame of hardcover photos in memory, a good time in the dream.The wind, the rain, the mountain high water far on the road, the long way forward in life, glad to meet, good to have you.There are poems, wine and song, spring every year nai me.Wine to wish the east wind, and a total of calm.Emotion goes into words, thinking comes out of words.Feel the warmth and healing power of words.I am shallow sometimes.For more exciting content, come to pay attention to qingshandu sometimes a snowy night qinghuan alone human fleeting time is tender love snow falling silent missing fireworks earth near snow shallow world endless winter night thick