Weather forecast: huge snowstorm scope has been determined, “once in a decade” spring cold to?The farmer’s proverb zha say

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Today is the fourth day of the Lunar Year, February 4 in the solar calendar, the beginning of Spring solar term.Two beautiful days, coinciding in one day, and sunny skies, high sun and rising temperatures across the country promise another bumper year.The weather is bad!Although there will be less rain and snow across the country today and tomorrow, it will continue to rain and snow in many places.This round of rain and snow is not over, a new round of widespread rain and snow is on the way.This process is characterized by a wide range of rain and snow, large precipitation level, complex rain and snow phase and local freezing rain.In particular, snowfall in some areas reached the level of extreme snowstorm, with snowfall of 35 to 40 millimeters.According to the latest weather forecast of the Central Meteorological Station, from February 5 to 7, there will be a wide range of rain and snow weather process in northwest China, western North China, western and southern Huanghuai, northern Yunnan, southern Guizhou, western and northern Jiangnan.Gansu, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Anhui and other parts of the region will have heavy snow;Jiangnan, south China has medium to heavy rain, local rainstorm.There was freezing rain in eastern Guizhou and western Hunan.This is the biggest rain and snow since the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, indicating that most parts of China will face the first big cold this year.Weather changes in the next three days: February 5 weather forecast, the southern xinjiang western mountainous area, the qinghai-Tibet Plateau in the middle and east, Gansu, Shaanxi, northern Guizhou, northern Yunnan and other parts of the region have small to medium snow, or sleet.Light to moderate rain will hit parts of southern Hunan, Sichuan Basin, most of Guizhou, Yunnan and Guangxi.There were heavy snowstorms in eastern Tibet, northern and eastern Qinghai, south-central Gansu, south-central Shaanxi, and northwestern Yunnan. There were heavy snowstorms in southeastern and western Tibet, and heavy rain in southwestern Yunnan.February 6 weather forecast, hubei, southern Henan, southern Shaanxi, western Anhui and other places, there may be moderate to heavy snow.Northern Guizhou, northern Hunan, northern Jiangxi, eastern Chongqing, southern Hubei, southern Anhui, southern Jiangsu, northern Zhejiang and other places may see sleet, or rain to snow;Most of Guangxi, southern Guizhou, southern Hunan and western Jiangxi will see moderate to heavy rain.February 7 weather forecast, this round of rain and snow weather process gradually enter the end.Southern Jiangsu, central and southern Anhui, northwestern Zhejiang and northwestern Guizhou will see snow or mixed with rain and snow;Some parts of Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangdong, eastern Guangxi and southern Hunan will see moderate or heavy rain.That’s the weather forecast for the next three days from February 5th to 7th.See if your hometown is in it?Will it be affected by this round of widespread rain and snow?Among them, the scope of heavy snowstorm has been determined, mainly in eastern Tibet, northern and eastern Qinghai, central and southern Gansu, central and southern Shaanxi, northwestern Yunnan and other parts of the heavy snowstorm, the southeastern and western Parts of Tibet.Heavy snow will affect transportation and livestock farming, so take precautions now.China has had four consecutive spells of rain and snow since January 20, mainly affecting more than 20 provinces in central and eastern China.In particular, the temperature in south China has dropped sharply, and it feels like winter has begun overnight. For example, guangdong Province has seen the temperature drop to about 7 degrees Celsius for a week. The long-term rain makes this Spring Festival very wet and cold.As a result, Guangdong province has issued a low temperature disaster warning for several days.It was also the coldest Spring Festival in south China once in a decade.This is the fourth time since January that the temperature has dropped by two to four degrees in most parts of the country and six degrees in some parts.Today is the start of spring solar term, winter has been far away from us, now coming will be this year’s first large-scale cold weather, or “once in a decade” cold weather to come?A elder sister to take you to see the village proverb left by our ancestors?”Start of Spring” refers to the first of the 24 solar terms of The Beginning of Spring, the arrival of Spring, the weather is getting warmer.Today is the first day of the 2022 Start of Spring Solar term.”Awakening of Insects” refers to the awakening of Insects weather, the third solar term of the 24 solar terms, a thunderclap, hibernating animals will climb out of the cave.Awakening of Insects, the weather is really warm, flowers are about to open, rain gradually up.”Cattle farming” used to mean that farmers’ main labor force for farmland was not a labor tool. In the past, cattle were counted as an important member of the family. People could not eat them, but cattle could not eat them.The main arable land all depends on cattle, because in those farming days, cattle are the main labor force, which is the reason why agricultural science and technology is not developed.Now there is no need to farm cattle, and cattle are rarely fed in the countryside, generally replaced by tractors and other machinery.”Spring snow did not stop, awakening of Insects cattle rest.”This proverb means that the beginning of Spring does not stop snowing, that is, the beginning of spring is still snowing, indicating the arrival of spring cold, the weather is unusually cold.It indicates that in the awakening of Insects solar term, the weather is still very cold, the ice and snow has not melted, so that farmers have not spring ploughing, the old cattle are still resting at home.The meaning of this proverb is very easy to understand. The beginning of Spring has heavy snow, which means the weather is cold.Since the beginning of spring, it has been snowing heavily, indicating that winter has not receded.Heralding the spring in March, or very cold, people still wear small cotton-padded jacket.Rural common saying: eat Dragon Boat Festival reed, just put the cotton-padded jacket horizontal.In fact, this proverb also shows that it is normal to wear a padded jacket in March.Heavy snow at the beginning of spring means cold weather is coming, or at least it has already arrived.Inverted cold usually occurs from February to April, and is mainly characterized by cold and wet weather, continuous rainy weather, or sleet weather to form severe freezing injury, so it is normal to wear cotton-padded jacket in March.”Chunhan” refers to the fact that after the start of Spring, the weather is still very cold, even like winter.But anyway, the weather after the start of Spring is generally warmer. “On the first day of The start of spring, the water warms three points and the grass sprouts back”, which is of great importance.The main reason is that the sun has moved toward the northern hemisphere, increasing the amount of time it shines on the northern hemisphere.”Tomb-sweeping Day” refers to the fifth solar term of the 24 solar terms, tomb-sweeping Day solar term, tomb-sweeping day solar term, generally is the spring bloom, can be said to the spring of the beautiful season, colorful, flowers, flowers, flowers, green and lush, a vibrant vitality.This saying means that the second half of the solar term of Start of Spring means that the weather is very cold, whether it is rain, snow or sleet.The start of Spring solar term lasts for 15 consecutive days, indicating that the Spring and Cold solar terms are coming.Since the cold weather is coming, it means that the weather will be very cold to qingming.In the spring of 2019, there was an inverted cold weather. At that time, it was rainy and heavy snow in some areas around the Tomb-sweeping Day, causing huge agricultural losses.The fruit trees had bloomed, the wheat had turned green and the farmers’ crops had sprouted, which had been destroyed by a great backward cold.All in all, rain and snow will hit China’s central and eastern regions, affecting more than 20 provinces, starting tomorrow on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year.The widespread rain and snow caused temperatures to drop 4 to 6 degrees Celsius, with heavy snowfall in some areas.This is the largest range of rain and snow to cool the weather so far this year, it is also the first big spring cold after the start of spring.Experts predict: this is a “once in a decade” spring cold weather.What do you think?