Stand up to brain tumors!Medical staff for the children hand-painted Ultraman mask refueling

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5-year-old boy Xiao Chen (pseudonym) lively and lovely, his wish is like his idol “Altman” as brave and powerful, to overcome his head in the long “tumor monster”.Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng reporter February 16 from the sun Yat-sen University cancer prevention center children’s tumor multidisciplinary team learned that at the end of last year, Xiao Chen was diagnosed with brain stem glioma.In order to encourage him to overcome the tumor, not only his parents always accompany him, a group of white “big friends” also “fancy” to encourage him, and hand-painted unique “Autman” radiotherapy mask for him.At the end of 2021, xiao Chen’s family suddenly noticed something strange when she walked: her right leg seemed to have no strength, and she was always staggering, and her center of gravity was unstable as if she was going to fall down.Parents immediately took small Chen to the hospital to do a detailed examination.The result was like a bolt from the blue — The MRI of Xiao Chen’s skull showed that the left side of the brain stem was occupied, and the pressure was obvious, which was considered to be glioma.Glioma is to point to the tumor that produces by nerve exomorphic leaf tissue, give priority to with invasive sex growth.Different types of gliomas are prone to occur in different locations, mostly in frontal, temporal and parietal areas in adults, and mostly in cerebellar hemisphere, vermis and brainstem in children.On January 4, 2022, Xiao Chen’s parents and their child went to the Tumor Prevention and Treatment Center of Sun Yat-sen University, which is famous for glioma treatment.The medical team judged that because Xiao Chen’s glioma was on the brain stem, which is related to important physiological functions such as heartbeat, breathing and digestion, it could not be removed by surgery and could only rely on radiotherapy to curb the “expansion” of the tumor.In order to help this naive and lovely child alleviate his fear of treatment, the doctors and nurses in the radiotherapy department arranged the radiotherapy room in a warm and childlike way.However, the first time into the room to accept radiotherapy, small Chen is still very resistant.The whole process was accompanied by his piercing cries, which pierced his parents’ hearts like sharp arrows.They tried their best to coax small Chen, but also to no avail.Finally, the doctor used a safe sedative hypnotic chloral hydrate, only to let Xiao Chen temporarily sedated, successfully completed the first radiotherapy.Psychological tension plus the influence of drugs, make small Chen after treatment nausea, vomiting symptoms.Professor Chen Yuanyuan and Doctor Deng Meiling arranged him to be hospitalized immediately.Did not expect small Chen in infusion and began to cry, parents also follow distressed remorse.See in the eye, urgent in the heart, medical staff want to better help small Chen.In order to save him from the pain of repeated injection, the medical team of Radiotherapy Area 1, together with Dr. Lu Suying of pediatric oncology department and Dr. Wang Jian of surgical anesthesiology Department of the hospital, implanted an infusion port for him to establish a better intravenous treatment access.Surgical anesthesiology team to do general anesthesia for the children, in order to conduct radiotherapy positioning medical “fancy” to encourage Xiao Chen brave into the radiotherapy room to fight against the tumor, is a psychological war.To encourage small Chen to adhere to treatment, doctors and nurses use every trick in the book, “fancy” encourage him to fight bravely “tumor monster”.As soon as Feng Huixia saw him, she squatted down to chat with him in a gentle voice, comforting and encouraging him, and agreed to bring him “delicious” after radiotherapy.Nurse sisters are also particularly concerned about small Chen, chat with him, according to the child’s psychology, encourage him to actively treat.Therapist zhang Zixian learned that Small Chen like cartoon hero “Ultraman”, specially for him in the customized children’s radiotherapy mask drew an Ultraman, encourage him to be as brave as Ultraman to defeat the disease this monster.The small Chen that receives Altman is very happy, when wearing mask, feel oneself change into altman.Under the care of love, children grow up in a moment.The second time to radiotherapy, small Chen neither cry nor make, without the company of mom and dad, without the use of chloral hydrate, a person bravely walked into the room, let the medical staff sincerely thumbs up!On January 27th, the first Party branch of teachers and students of radiotherapy department held a Spring Festival party in the ward to cheer up patients.At the party, nurses encouraged Xiao Chen to sing on stage.In the face of uncles and aunts, small Chen without stage fright, took the microphone babble ah ah sing up: “little mouse, lampstand, steal oil to eat, not……””, a face of innocence, the end of the concert did not forget to wish the uncle and aunt present happy New Year, a speedy recovery.The tender voice and sincere blessing moved all the patients, family members and medical staff present.On January 28, Xiao Chen successfully completed treatment and was discharged home for rest and rehabilitation, in order to carry out follow-up cancer treatment.He and his mother smile at the camera than “yeah”.After this period of time with the medical staff, in the face of the disease, he became more optimistic and confident.Hope in the days to come have Altman to give him infinite power, accompany him to complete treatment smoothly, beat cancer as soon as possible this big monster!Guangzhou Daily new Huacheng Reporter From the Cancer Prevention and Treatment Center of Sun Yat-sen University, in recent years, the incidence of cancer in children in China is increasing, but the medical resources in this area are relatively scarce.In order to help children with cancer and their families fight against cancer, the hospital has established a multi-disciplinary team of children with cancer, including pediatric oncology medicine, surgery, radiotherapy, anesthesia, pathology and imaging, which has helped many children with solid tumor and hematological tumor like Xiao Chen.Recently, the Department of Medium and tumor Radiotherapy, the Department of Pediatric Oncology and the Department of Surgical anesthesiology jointly promoted the fine management of pediatric tumor radiotherapy. The room 6 was decorated with classic cartoon style, so that children could receive radiotherapy in a warm environment.In view of the characteristics of children’s better energy and psychological state during the day, the radiotherapy department intends to arrange the day class for children patients, and it is also convenient for the anesthesiology department to help the young children with radiotherapy under general anesthesia.The head of the cancer Prevention and Treatment Center of Sun Yat-sen University said that the medical staff will continue to improve the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment ability and medical service level of children’s cancer, so as to ensure that the children can get high-quality medical services when they are suffering from cancer, so as to benefit more children and families.D: Watch out for these symptoms!Typical symptoms of glioma include unexplained headache, nausea and vomiting, cognitive changes, personality changes, drunken gait, urinary incontinence, mild hemiplegia, aphasia, seizures, and visual field loss.Sun Yat-sen University cancer prevention and control center experts remind that these symptoms should cause vigilance, not blind “stopgap” “stopgap”.If the symptoms do not relieve and continue to worsen, CT or MR examination should be performed as soon as possible.The traditional treatment for glioma is surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.Guangzhou Daily · New Flower city reporter Ren Shanshan correspondent Zhao Xianting Chen Yun Guangzhou Daily · New flower City editor Li Jin statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringe your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: