Major projects across the country were launched in a steady and orderly manner to advance steady and sound economic development

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All over the country major project start smoothly and orderly Top power to promote economic steady and healthy development of the CCTV network news: before and after the Spring Festival in 2022, a large number of major project starts smoothly, top power to promote the healthy development of steady economic, infrastructure, industrial upgrading, the new infrastructure, major people’s livelihood projects become important area layout.At the beginning of the Spring Festival, well Dabei 401, the most designed sandstone gas well in China, was drilled in Tarim Basin, and drilled into the ultra-deep formation of the Southern Tianshan Mountains at a rate of 100 meters per day, looking for high-quality gas sources for west-east gas transmission.The Dabei 401 well is located at the southern foot of The Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang Province with a designed depth of 8,457 meters.The geological structure here is extremely complex, and it is a world-class exploration forbidden area. Drilling data from adjacent Wells show that the formation pressure in this area is close to 140 mpa, equivalent to two camels standing on their fingernail. Engineers and technicians support ultra-deep drilling technology to challenge the problem of ultra-deep drilling.Shenzhen-zhong Corridor is a key transportation infrastructure project in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.The project plans to complete the closure of Zhongshan Bridge and the erection of the box girder of the Marine approach bridge within this year, and the installation of the main cable of the Lingdingyang Bridge will continue to advance.In order to ensure the smooth completion of the project, a total of more than 1,500 builders stuck to their posts during the Spring Festival.As the key traffic project of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, with a total investment of about 4.2 billion yuan, Hangzhou Jiangdong Avenue project, with a total length of 4.6 kilometers, is the backbone traffic road connecting Qiantang New Area in Hangzhou, and the most central branch of hangzhou’s “two horizontal and two vertical” rapid road network system, bearing the important task of hangzhou’s “urban expansion to the east”.The builders gave up the New Year’s Day and The Spring Festival holiday, to ensure that before the end of March as planned to overcome the tunnel methane control problem.In the first quarter, Sichuan province organized 100 major projects worth more than 1 billion yuan, with a total investment of 232.2 billion yuan, involving infrastructure, modern industry, people’s livelihood and social undertakings.In Anhui province, 731 major projects were launched, with a total investment of 376.06 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 126.25 billion yuan, involving strategic emerging industries, transportation, social programs and other fields.358 projects in Zhejiang province are under construction, with a total investment of 638.6 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 92.1 billion yuan. All projects are scheduled to start construction by the end of March.The first batch of major projects in Shanghai’s five new cities began construction in the New Year, with 40 major projects involving high-end industries, scientific innovation, infrastructure and major livelihood areas, with a total investment of 132.82 billion yuan.Responsible editor: Wu Xiaohui Source: :22 CCTV network