Is the fall justified or irrational?

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Is the fall justified or irrational?Securities was not how to rise in the plate today, and present a “broken” state, for the long-term popularity of the securities plate, is once again hurt a lot of people’s feelings.However, under a closer look, the original is mainly in the long-term securities of a flower dongcai drop brought drag, followed by a drop of securities stocks do not know the truth is confused followers, or simply take advantage of the initiative to wash a wash.In China in recent years the continuous development of capital market, especially in high volume for a long time, the whole market IPO speed is low, and there was a new north exchange blessings and imagination, and great development of China’s wealth market, securities companies in general is one of the beneficiaries of all financial data also showed that most of the securities company revenue and profit growth is good,However, all of this is like a transparent body, people turn a blind eye to, the securities plate has not therefore produced a more sustainable market with a certain amount of weight, it is already a “departure” trend, there is no how to rise the plate, where to so much short energy.Case dongcai of course, dongcai itself over the years on the trend is quite independent, after a huge rise, the callback is always dabbling, this is finally joined the adjustment of the queue, did not rise with securities brothers together to eat spicy, how can now drag everyone.Illogical, falling unreasonable.To today’s securities fall, do not know is to fall rational, or vexatious?How to do?2022 market survey registration notice 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020,2021,2022, A share quantitative trading psychological index survey into the eighth year, the annual registration is as follows: after we received your application, volunteers by email within 1-3 days officially inform you that the specific instructions are included in the mail survey.If you do not receive email notification after registration, please leave a private message.2. Registration time: From February 14th to 20th (Monday to Sunday), we will arrange registration time 7 days a week, and remind you once a day. If you still miss it, you can apply again next year.1. Time of survey every day: 15:00-18:00 after the market close. 2.With mobile phones, computers and so on can be simple and quick to complete the operation.3. Your rights: Get the latest survey psychological index and trading suggestions in the investigation team before the market opens every day.Welcome new and old friends to join us!A share quantitative Trading Psychological Index Working Group February 14, 2022