Glory of the Special Wars is on. Is it worth it?

2022-06-23 0 By

These days, people who follow dramas also have troubles.To see the play that should not be seen, to chase the play that should not be pursued, is the biggest trouble.So choose an excellent TV series, is to follow the drama people must do homework.It is said that it took five years for the drama glory of Special Battles to be launched, and nine months for the drama to be shot.Judging from the time it took to polish the work, this play should be a work of conscience.Yang Yang can be said to be the absolute leading role of the play, with his existing influence and appeal, looking forward to the play’s audience is still a lot of.So a broadcast yesterday, the major TV channels have achieved very good ratings.Although only one episode was aired yesterday, the audience was quite satisfied.At the beginning of the TV series is the hot scene of special forces fighting terrorists, the whole process is wonderful and exciting pictures, is the standard of modern gunfight film, showing our soldiers superior combat quality and tacit team cooperation.To be honest, I don’t like cream boys playing soldiers. I can’t look at that.Their white, delicate faces and pure, handsome gestures were so out of keeping with the military ethos that they undermined the image of military strength and integrity.However, Yang Yang is well suited to the role of a soldier, after all, he was once a soldier.His hard appearance, angular face, sharp eyes, straight military posture and military temperament are all very rare advantages.So Yang Yang did not let us down, he played the role of Yan Break Yue is a soldier’s taste, full of wild and courage, let us see the soldier’s blood and youth, is a ruthless role.From the current point of view, the military theme of the TV series is quite qualified, we have been chasing down.So, let’s look forward to the next exciting content.