Alert!Don’t scan the QR code!Someone was blackmailed for $220,000

2022-06-20 0 By

Two-dimensional code can be seen everywhere we have to sweep several two-dimensional codes every day, but we must be careful not to sweep not to sweep not to sweep……A woman sweep a stranger two-dimensional code was extorted 220,000!Related topics on the hot search two-dimensional code can steal mobile phone address book, photos, positioning and other privacy?Wang scanned the Internet worm of qr code to download the software but no download finish cleaning tips then sent worm wang’s photo album privacy data such as extortion wang felt nervous just wang to bug 50000 yuan let he delete photos worm follow-up still using this method, a total of extortion wang more than 220000 yuan in the end his alarm to the public security organ is locking suspects be jin jin mou confessed he sellsThe front-end source code of this kind of App can obtain other people’s mobile phone contacts, albums, photos, text messages, location and other privacy data and can transfer them to the specified domain name or IP address after checking,Jin mou illegal profits 36000 yuan according to the “criminal law” provisions of jin mou of the act constitutes a crime crime eventually help information network court sentenced the defendant be jin prison a year fine RMB ten thousand net friend: once met some netizens said a crook stick fraud qr code to merchants pay code on how to reduce personal information by taking?Seven “routine” guard against!Figure left left stamp