Zhang Yangyang: After the adoption, we “are the real mother”, and were urged to get married by relatives

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Zhang Yangyang poses for a photo with his family after having dinner on New Year’s Eve.Zhang Yangyang has been with his mother Li Fang since January 23, 2022.This Spring Festival, mother and son celebrated their first reunion in 24 years in Luohe, Henan Province.Before the Spring Festival, Li Fang took Zhang Yangyang to science and technology museum and amusement park. The mother and her son held hands in the market and watched lanterns.In addition, Li Fang also took Zhang Yangyang to buy new clothes new shoes, stock up on New Year’s goods.When visiting relatives, Zhang yangyang was stuffed with red envelopes and urged to get married.Zhang Yangyang poses with his mother and godmother.On New Year’s Eve, Zhang yangyang told thepaper.cn that he wanted to spend time with his mother and have a reunion this year.On New Year’s Eve, he made dumplings with his mother and parents, had dinner on New Year’s Eve and went to worship his ancestors on The first day.Speaking of future plans, Zhang yangyang said that he will go to Hainan to do the job he has done for five or six years.His mother’s 24-year journey to find him has been helped by many volunteers, and he plans to join the ranks of volunteers to help other families. “I want to do my part to help more families.”Zhang Yangyang and his mother exchanged vows in Wuhan.”The first time I saw her, I thought that was my mother,” said Former journalist Deng Feitu.When he first met his mother, Zhang yangyang thought, “Somehow that’s how my mother feels.”At noon on June 6, 1998, 4-year-old Zhang Yangyang was abducted near her barber shop in Luohe.The following year, Li fang divorced her husband and traveled across China to find her son alone.Thanks to the tireless efforts of chongqing police, Li fang successfully met her 28-year-old son Zhang Yangyang in Wuhan on January 23, and the two went back to Luohe for the Spring Festival together.In more than a week of living in Luohe, Zhang yangyang rewalked the street where he used to play, saw a rare snowy scene, and made a “small snow ball” excitedly. It was the first time she tasted luohe hu spicy soup and the first time she ate a steamed bun with spicy stuffing.Now, having lived in Guangdong for many years, Zhang can speak erhua fluently. “The accent has been assimilated into (Luohe Dialect).”Zhang Yangyang and his mother these days, Zhang Yangyang’s schedule is very full.When visiting the local museum of Science and Technology in Luohe, his mother Li Fang held his arm and they talked and laughed to experience technological products.In the market, mother and son held hands and stopped to look at the lanterns.In Zhang yangyang’s opinion, when she first met her mother, she was very close with no sense of distance or estrangement.After more than a week of getting along with each other, Zhang Yangyang concluded: “I miss me very much when I am away, and I ‘hate’ me in three days when I am here, which is definitely the type of my mother, the way of getting along with my mother.”Sometimes mother gets a little “verbose.””He had no work to do in the morning, so he had to wake me up,” said Zhang, whose mother never let him sleep in.Sometimes, when the mother and son disagreed, “[my mother] would come and beat me, and when she did, it was very motherly, and it was normal for me to get along in my personality and style.”Her mother took Zhang Yangyang to visit relatives and looked at the photos with them.Before the Spring Festival, Zhang Yangyang’s mother took her to buy new clothes and shoes. She bought Spring Festival goods, and had pasted Spring Festival couplets on the front door.Li Fang and Zhang Yangyang make dumplings on New Year’s Eve, Jan 31.She told Yang Yang that they should stay up late on The New Year’s Eve in Luohe. Dumplings made in advance can only be eaten after midnight.On New Year’s Eve, Zhang yangyang, her mother and her parents prepared a feast of fish and meat, chicken and duck and goose.To accompany his mother for the first reunion year, Zhang Yangyang was happy and had a drink with his dry father.The New Year’s Eve dinner prepared by Zhang Yangyang and his family.Luohe should sing before the New Year’s Eve dinner, I think it may be my godmother tricked me, only I sang the little apple, others did not sing.”Smiling, Mr. Zhang said he felt cheated by his godmother.On New Year’s Day, Zhang Yangyang prepared to worship ancestors with his mother, and dry brother shopping together.Come to luohe these days, he has become an iron friend with dry younger brother, “some words he will not tell his parents, but will tell me.We’re one game away from a league of Legends.”Zhang Yangyang said with a smile.Before the Spring Festival, Li Fang took her son to meet relatives, friends and neighbors.”Relatives from my father’s side and my mother’s side,” Zhang said, and they were excited and enthusiastic to see him. “Everyone stuffed red envelopes into my hands and received dozens of red envelopes.I can’t help it. It’s too warm.”Relatives told stories of Zhang yangyang’s childhood, looking back at old photos from many years ago, recounting the past 24 years of missing him.In the eyes of relatives, Zhang Yangyang was chubby and lovely when he was a child.When he was a kid, he was very sweet-mouthed. He said hello to people and was very good at calling people, and then people would buy him something to eat.Seeing Zhang yangyang again 24 years later, his relatives are all concerned about his “marriage event”.My mother didn’t say anything, but when she took me to various relatives, the conversation turned to that and she began to push for marriage.”Zhang yangyang said.Mother took Zhang Yangyang to buy new clothes.Speaking of his future plans, Zhang Yangyang told reporters that the hotel where he worked in Hainan would promote him to be a director after the New Year.After the Spring Festival, he will return to Hainan to continue his work.Zhang also plans to become a volunteer to find relatives.This plan, in fact, is influenced by dry father and dry mother.His father and mother are “kind people” who have been helping Li Fang to find her son.Over the years, his father has made more than 60 videos for Li Fang, spreading the news and attracting more attention.Some time before Zhang Yangyang was found, his father said angrily to Li Fang, “Oh, Yangyang come back soon, I don’t need to make videos anymore.”Li Fang thought he really did not help her to do the video, blurted out, “When Yang Yang comes back, I will be your godson.”I came back for a few days.”Zhang yangyang said he was distressed to see his mother’s 24-year journey to find him.According to Zhang, there are many volunteers helping mothers in the process of finding their son, which is meaningful. “It is a gesture of warmth,” she said.I want to be a volunteer to help find relatives. I want to learn from Deng Fei, the founder of Hangzhou Hualing Charity Base and a former journalist. My mother has worked so hard, so if I can help, I want to help families in need.””Never lose heart, as long as you are on your way, there is hope for everything.”Zhang yangyang wants to tell families who are searching for their loved ones that he will help more people and give them more hope in the future.Source: Thepaper.cn