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The charm of music is not in its melody, but its influence, a piece of music can make you moved, let you sad, also can make you happy and happy, that Chinese New Year, what are the festive songs?Chinese culture has a long history and has left us countless precious heritages. Chinese Musical Instruments are an important part of Chinese culture. They have a long history and a long history.The main characteristics of Chinese national orchestral ensemble are rich timbre, wide range, strong expressive force and strong Chinese national characteristics.Spring Festival Overture “Spring Festival Overture” is a work created in the 1950s by China’s famous composer and music theorist Li Huanzhi based on his life experience in Yan ‘an period. It shows the scenes of people in the revolutionary base area celebrating the Spring Festival with enthusiasm.Since its birth, it has gradually evolved into a small tradition attached to the “Spring Festival”.Especially after the popular TV Spring Festival Gala, this song is also more familiar.This piece of music is the use of Our country folk yangko tone, rhythm and northern Shaanxi folk song as the material for the creation of orchestral music.The Dance of the Golden Snake is a folk music for orchestra which nie Er arranged and adapted from the folk music “Pour into The Board” when he was working in Emi Record Company in Shanghai in 1934.Later, it was adapted as a solo for lute and guitar.The whole song shows the enthusiastic scene of dragon boat race in jiangnan area of China: the oarsmen are rowing quickly, the rapid sound of gongs and drums adds a warm atmosphere;Dragon boat like an arrow as fast forward, the lights on the boat reflected in the water, showing you catch up with each other, nervous and jubilant scene.”Full of Joy” was created by Chinese folk music master Mr. Liu Mingyuan in 1958.Based on shanxi folk songs “Selling plaster” and “Grinding cake noodles”, the music is lively and passionate.The whole song is divided into three parts: the theme of section A is based on the Shanxi folk song “Selling plaster”, and the music begins in A lively atmosphere; the theme of section B is adapted from another Shanxi folk song “Grinding cake Noodles”, which maintains the characteristics of the original song and develops the two sentences into four sentences.The third paragraph completely repeats the melody of paragraph A.Step BY Step meticulous and elegant Chinese Guangdong music, the melody is lively and passionate, listen to this music can let a person feel the New Year’s lively scene, such as lion and dragon dance, people make a fair, lively atmosphere in which.The song is permeated with the festive atmosphere of the New Year, with distinct layers, bringing more joy and interest to the new life full of joy.Happy Together is written by Yi-kwan Wong.At first, there was no title, but Chen Zhonggen of the Chinese band named it “Spending a Happy Moon” based on its cheerful and enthusiastic atmosphere.Soon after the founding of New China, the conductor Peng Xiuwen adapted jiangnan’s “Spending a Happy Moon” into national orchestral music, which was later performed by the Central Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra and had a wide influence.”Entertainment Ascending Level” is a more fresh and colorful Guangdong music created by composer Qiu Hechou following the tradition of Chinese folk music and drawing on the experience of western music creation. The melody is smooth and seamless.The music is cheerful and lively, enthusiastic and youthful, with an optimistic mood.100 Birds Pay Homage to the Phoenix is a folk music popular in Shandong, Anhui, Henan and Hebei provinces, and later became popular as a suona solo.The song presents a vibrant natural scene with its warm and cheerful melody and the resonant sounds of birds.The dance of dragons and Phoenixes shows a scene of long dragons playing with dragon lanterns in folk festivals.The theme tone of this piece adopts syncopated rhythm, which is highly motivated and has a good sense of harmony. The refreshing timbre of small gong, the vocal singing of suona and the neat rhythm of plucking instruments all create a happy atmosphere.Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon can be seen as early as the Qing Dynasty. It is a famous cantonese music score with the characteristics of local people’s life and interests and folk music in Guangdong at that time. It is said that Li Hongzhang, when he was governor of Guangdong and Guangxi, copied this music for performance in Da Nei.The piece was co-written by Ren Guang and Nie Er in the form of an ethnic orchestra, and later adapted as a solo piano work, which was introduced to the international stage by Chinese pianists.Harvest celebration this song has a very strong breath of life and national style, showing the farmers to celebrate the harvest cheerful lively scene, and for the harvest festival sent noisy gongs and drums.It’s a piece of music not to be missed.These songs accompany us through countless Spring Festivals. When we hear them, we know that the Chinese New Year is coming. Do you know any other songs about the Chinese New Year?Leave us a message!