Won $8 million. Why only $150,000?Lottery people: not careless when buying lottery tickets

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Many people are obsessed with buying lottery tickets, but everyone dreams of winning the lottery one day so that they will never have to worry about making a living.Although the odds of winning the lottery are very low, many people still hold the hope of buying lottery.The price of lottery tickets varies from as low as a few yuan, which is the reason why there are so many lottery users in Our country.Although there are 300 million lottery people in our country, but the winners are really few and far between.Since the odds of winning are less than 1 in 10 million, winning the lottery is really a matter of luck.People like to buy lottery tickets, besides wanting to get rich overnight, on the other hand, buying lottery tickets is also contributing to charity.The lottery was originally established to contribute to the development of charity.In general, part of the money from the lottery is used to redeem the prize and part is used for public good.So a lot of people take the “what’s the matter with it” attitude to buy lottery tickets.One, 8 million to 150,000?There was a report that a lottery winner won 8 million yuan, but only received 150,000 yuan. What happened?Although people are used to not winning the lottery.But after winning the lottery, but do not get the corresponding bonus, it is very upsetting.Generally speaking, the number of lottery winners is the amount of money that can be cashed in.So, does the $8 million jackpot turn into $150,000 for no reason?This is obviously not credible. What is going on here?Let’s take a look.After a woman bought a lottery ticket, she found she had won a big prize and went to cash it excitedly.To her surprise, she only got 150,000 yuan.So, the remaining 7.85 million, will disappear?What else happened in between?Of course, after the incident, the female lottery is very angry, after all, obviously hand things, but finally disappeared.In order to protect her rights, the woman immediately chose to call the police. After the police investigation, we learned that it was because the owner of the lottery shop operated behind the scenes and did not bet for her.So, even if the woman’s number won the prize, because there was no formal operation, the woman could not receive the prize as agreed.After the incident, many people criticized the boss for his ethics.But now the die has been cast and the facts cannot be changed, so there is nothing to be done about it.But after mediation by the police, the owner of the lottery shop offered to pay 150,000 yuan as compensation to the woman.Although the winning bidder received compensation, it was a far cry from the amount of money he won.But happened this kind of thing, can only beat the teeth to swallow their stomach, no place to complain, no better solution.After this incident, many gamblers lost confidence in buying lottery.On the one hand, the odds of winning the lottery are too small. On the other hand, even if you buy a lottery ticket, you cannot receive the winning amount as you wish.The lottery industry is too serious, and it’s not the first time something like this has happened.It was as if it were an open secret in the lottery world.And the way of recording and broadcasting lottery is more suspected by the public.Recording lottery, no doubt gave some people more operational opportunities, we see the screen above and the real situation is the same?No one can answer this question.The lottery responded by saying it was trying to collate lottery information, but the claim was unconvincing.In this age of information, is it necessary to set aside time to sort out lottery tickets?Is the lottery industry really this messed up?Are there rules and order?Who can stand up for the bright lottery decision?Is the law just a decoration?People also harbor a lot of questions, and everyone is more indignant about the outcome of the handling of this matter.Although the state inspects and corrects the lottery industry every year, cases of corruption continue to emerge.Although over the years, the state has been increasing rectification efforts, but there are always some opportunistic people like to take advantage of the loopholes in the law.Things like winning the lottery and not getting money happen from time to time.Therefore, the majority of lottery people should also be vigilant.So let’s take a look at what you need to pay attention to when buying lottery tickets.First of all, after we buy the lottery, we need to keep the original lottery ticket after we buy the lottery ticket.If the original ticket is lost or damaged, there is no way to claim the prize even if you win.In addition, although buying lottery tickets is very helpful to charity, we should not have too much expectation on lottery tickets. If we spend too much time, money and energy on buying lottery tickets, it is undoubtedly penny wise and pound foolish.This mentality is also not worth advocating.If we buy a lottery ticket, we have to go to the lottery center to redeem the prize.A lottery ticket can be redeemed within 60 days, and the lottery center will not refund the prize after the deadline.Furthermore, we’d better buy lottery tickets by ourselves, don’t let others buy lottery tickets for us, and don’t let the lottery shop owner buy lottery tickets for you directly.In case of winning the lottery, it is easy to have conflicts of interest.So, buy lottery this matter must be hands-on, do not bother.If we win the lottery, we can save decades of struggle at least.Finally, we also need to understand that lottery people win the word, the country is to collect certain individual income tax.The state typically charges 20 percent of the winnings as income tax.There are also lottery winners who are willing to donate a portion of their money to charity, but only at their own will.The people in the lottery do not force people to play.To sum up, although many lottery buyers in Our country have been hopeful about buying lottery tickets, we need to adjust our mentality when buying lottery tickets.The probability of winning is very small, no winning is a frequent occurrence, as a contribution to charity.You can have some hope of winning the lottery, but you can’t put all your hopes on winning the lottery.Then, it is undoubtedly a great burden to the family.At the same time, we should also pay attention to how to save the original materials if the materials win the prize, can not be damaged or lost, must go to the lottery center to redeem the prize within the specified time.Don’t let what happened to this woman happen to us.Finally, we also hope that the country can rectify the unfair phenomenon in the industry, only in this way will not let the majority of lottery people cold heart.