Year four, the four seasons have you, full of joy

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Time is in a hurry, every day I miss you.I wish you a good mood every day, always happy, wonderful points, seconds seconds of happiness.With a smile, with blessings, to a better tomorrow.On the fourth day of the year, the four seasons have you, full of joy, I wish you a happy life, a prosperous career, family and happiness, always in.There is a person in my heart, is always concerned about.There is a feeling, thousands of words can not say clearly.Forget some troubles, pick a red plum for you, I wish you a New Year life like flowers;Cut a colorful cloud to you, I wish you a colorful life, send you continuously brilliant sunshine, wish your life more brilliant.Always want to talk to you the most true words, always want to meet with you again, tell each other miss, year four, the four seasons have you, years static good, wish you a bright future, nourishing life, dream come true!Although you and I are thousands of miles apart, but you are still my love, the fourth day of the lunar New Year, I wish you happy and wishful, happy and sweet.I have never forgotten you, miss you when the wind rises, care you when the sun sets, time changes, just want to be by your side for a lifetime.Time can not erase the most thick thoughts, wish you far away, smile, health forever.Wave between, you and I became each other’s deepest memory, you are the warmth of the heart, is the time of eternal attachment.When a person can’t sleep at night, he will think of the past, think of the first met you, there is a kind of love, know that it is impossible to come again, or put you in my heart.Years precipitated the lengnuanzizhi, if I had not met you, what would I do now?No matter where you go, you are in my heart, a person will think too much, because too care about, it happened that you became my eternal love.You have come, leaving the deepest memory, fate let us meet, but did not let us life together.Some feelings become the biggest regret, later, I finally understand, the past will climb on my heart, and you will be in my memory forever.Meeting you is precious, because you remind me of love at its best.Like a person, is a wonderful feeling, I have seen thousands of scenery, after seeing your eyes and eyebrows, feel this world more than a touch of amazing.I can’t see you for the rest of my life, I know whether you come or not, you are in my memory.No longer disturb you, silently put you in my heart, there is a love, long long in my life.If you are well, is sunny;If you are happy;Just beautiful!Thinking of you, loving you, not seeing your figure, just know how lonely I am.Can not be together forever, you are the person I care the most, this love, destined to be in the heart forever.There is a you, I have never forgotten, but learned to bury deeply in the bottom of my heart.If one day you will think of me, please don’t forget that there is someone in this world who loves you deeply and values you above all else.Year four, the four seasons have you, full of joy, wish you prosperity, good luck.Best wishes to you and wish you happiness forever.Have hope, let happiness through the beginning of the year and the end of the year, let good luck with the sun from sunset, let health guard spring, summer, autumn and winter.May the one you love be by your side;May the people you care, too late to miss and meet.