The Chinese men’s curling team lost 6-7 to The British team in the round robin, missing out on a third straight win

2022-06-07 0 By

The Chinese men’s curling team lost 7-6 to Great Britain in the sixth round of the round-robin curling tournament at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Wednesday.The Chinese men’s curling team lost to Sweden and the Russian Olympic Committee in their previous four matches, followed by victories over Denmark and Italy.After this service, China team 2 wins 3 losses, provisional group eighth.China scored the first point in the first frame thanks to a clutch basket by Ma Xiuyue.In the second frame, The British team scored four points to take the lead.In the fourth game, The Chinese team scored two more points and were down 3 to 4.England extended their lead with three runs in the eighth.In the ninth inning, China scored one point to make it 4-7.In the last game, The Chinese team chased two more points, and the score was locked at 6:7.Source: