Is the assistant social worker going to review it

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Do assistant social workers need to be evaluated: Assistant social workers do not need to be evaluated.Assistant social workers are the most junior level of social workers. At this level, social workers only need to pass the examination and then get the Assistant Social worker certificate. Only senior social workers need to be evaluated.According to different levels of social work, the difficulty of the examination and subject, question type and so on are different.Social workers at the assistant social worker level are simply required to take an exam, which consists of multiple choice and multiple choice questions. There is no other type of exam, and no evaluation is required.The only social workers who need to be evaluated are the senior social workers.In addition to taking the exam, senior social work division also needs to submit their own work experience and work cases, and then after passing the exam, the professional evaluation committee will review the candidates’ work materials, and only after passing the examination can they obtain the senior social work division level.Click the mini program button to download free test preparation materials and highlights for social workers
Social work division’s work is mainly social work content, the contact surface is more extensive, although there is no special professional and technical requirements, but also need social work division has a very high level of social work, otherwise it is impossible to complete the work well.In this case, the country divided social work division into three grades, different grades of social work division engaged in specific work content is not the same.The assistant social worker and social worker levels require only an examination to obtain the corresponding qualification.Only senior social workers are accredited.It’s a good system for social workers to do their jobs.