Biden is very vexed, Allies willing to die how to do: Britain two lines of Shouting, Russia and China face 2 fight 1

2022-06-03 0 By

British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss recently said on social media that she “totally rejects any doubts about the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands” and called on China to respect Britain’s “sovereignty”.It is reported that In a joint statement with Argentina, China clearly expressed its support for Argentina’s demand for full exercise of sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands.The Malvinas islands, which Britain unilaterally calls the Falkland Islands, have long been considered British territory and have been the subject of several disputes with Argentina over the years, including a war in the 1980s.China’s position on the Malvinas Islands issue is consistent and clear and remains unchanged.China has always been on the side of justice, but the UK has lashed out at China, accusing it of “not respecting sovereignty”.When the British military sent warships to “freedom of navigation” in the South China Sea, ignoring China’s warnings and openly pointing fingers at the Taiwan issue, why did the UK not think of respecting China’s sovereignty?Now Britain is furious. Why?China’s assertion of adherence to the purposes and principles of the CHARTER of the United Nations and its support for Argentina’s legitimate claim of sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands is fully supported by legal principles.It is worth mentioning that the UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf ruled in 2016 that the Malvinas Islands are in Argentina’s territorial waters.It seems that this “sunset empire” is getting more aggressive after Brexit.Britain is also looking for “presence” in front of Russia, a British prime minister Johnson with NATO and polish leaders during the meeting, Johnson to NATO’s recommendation, including increasing the number of British troops in eastern Europe, to the southern deployment of around 20 British fighter jets, and deployment of a destroyer at least to the eastern Mediterranean region.According to the British press, the government’s proposal for more troops is to “help protect NATO and other eastern European countries against the impact of Russian aggression”.On top of that, Britain has already ordered 1,000 troops to be on standby to support NATO and its Allies in the event of danger.Russia has never said it would invade, and Mr. Putin has repeatedly denied it.This “operation” of the UK is tantamount to adding to the tension. Many people in the outside world say that the UK has not woken up from its dream of “empire on which the sun never sets” and is still thinking about how to hold the thigh of the US and follow the footsteps of the US to make things happen.Then again, the UK is not what it used to be, and calling out China and Russia at the same time at a sensitive time is, to some extent, suicidal.Even if the US did not dare to do so, it would be a dead end.What is Britain doing here?Although it is not clear what the UK is thinking about, analysts believe that the country should be thinking about how to survive the confrontation with China and Russia.Don’t think the US has its back. Where is the US when the UK is Shouting at China and Russia on both fronts?Has Biden had any reaction so far?It is estimated that Johnson is still thinking about how to support the United States in a tough confrontation with China and Russia, but it can be seen that in the eyes of the United States, Britain is just a pawn, but I am afraid it is now hiding behind as a “turtle”.From Biden’s point of view, it’s probably troubling that he has Allies willing to die defending himself against Russia and China.Of course, China and Russia did not expect that one day they would face a situation of two to one. Without the US, The UK would not be worth mentioning.(DORA)