It starts at 0:43!Remember “three early”, eat “two”, drink “three tea”

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“Rain” is the second solar term in the 24 solar terms. It is a good time to know the rain. When spring rains, it indicates the coming of warm spring.Early in the spring, it’s easy to get “spring sleepiness,” or feeling sleepy the next day, regardless of whether you had a good night’s sleep or not.Might as well try to nap after meals instead of before the meal nap, can effectively eliminate fatigue and sleepiness, nap time to half an hour to an hour is appropriate.Before lunch break, you can carry out acupoint massage on the eyes, which can relieve eye fatigue, and massage the temples to relax and relieve stress, and change the dilemma of yawning in the afternoon.At the same time, before going to bed at night, that is, between 21:00 and 23:00, appropriate acupoint massage should also be carried out on the mind to relieve the pressure and fatigue of the day, and help to fall asleep quickly.Three early: early bask in more wet early spring basically set gale and dry two factors, skin care is very necessary.After the warm day, we go out to do more activities, increased exposure to the sun, may not feel so hot and ignore the uv damage to the skin.Especially the crowd of sensitive skin, from early spring began to do a good job sunscreen.In addition, spring should change the winter greasy face cream, choose to have protect wet effect protect skin to taste, if contain fruit acid or it is to protect wet composition with glycerin and uric acid face cream can.Spring is a season with high incidence of various chronic gastritis and gastric ulcer.Sweet food can nourish the spleen and stomach, the first push Chinese yam, is a flat spleen and stomach medicine and food.There is a saying that “white yam is better than ginseng”. Chinese medicine believes that it has the effect of tonifying spleen, lung and kidney, nourishing qi and nourishing Yin.Modern medicine thinks its nutritional value is very high, it contains rich amylase, fat, protein, a variety of vitamins and so on, with lowering blood sugar and lipids, enhancing immunity, anti-aging and so on.2 garlic: sterilization, eliminate lipid in the blood “inverted spring cold” weather make spring multiple infectious diseases, and easy to cause typhoid cold.Want to sterilization and cold prevention, in the diet can be appropriate to eat more garlic, onion, celery and other food, to prevent typhoid cold, spring multiple respiratory tract infection, heart attack and stroke have great benefits.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that onion, ginger, garlic, celery with flavor of food, not only can disperse wind cold, and can sterilize disease prevention.Drink “three tea” 1 green tea: help to lower blood pressure mellow green tea benefits a lot, especially the fire diuretic effect, hypertension patients had better drink more green tea, diuretic green tea can reduce blood pressure to a certain extent, but green tea should not be too strong.2. Grapefruit tea: Help lower blood sugar In spring, many people will suffer from heat. If they eat too much greasy food, they will also become constipated.It is best to drink some grapefruit tea every day. Grapefruit tea is cool and can moisten the intestine and clear the fire.For diabetes patients, poor diet control is easy to cause fluctuations in blood sugar, and grapefruit tea contains insulin-like substances, which can assist in lowering blood sugar.3. Hawthorn cassia seed tea: help to reduce blood fat and blood pressure.Hawthorn tea has the effect of lowering blood fat and softening blood vessels.If the fruit is fresh, 2 to 3 a day, cut in half, soak in boiling water.If it is dry, soak 4 to 5 tablets in boiling water and drink it daily.Hawthorn tea with cassia seeds can reduce blood pressure, the effect will be better.Zhejiang old Report according to CCTV life circle editor Zhang Wenli