Last year, hengyang city a total of 6462 tons of water waste

2022-06-01 0 By

Hengyang daily news (full media reporter lisa hu) on February 16, the reporter learns from the city management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau, since last year, our city will be scribing river partitions, many measures simultaneously, actively carry out fine cleaning operations and achieve the river cleaning work norm and long-lasting, last year, a total of 6462 tons of garbage pickup waters, the waters of the garbage nissan nissin,The ecological environment of rivers and rivers has been further improved.In order to effectively protect river water, zhuhai will xiangjiang river water, steam, Lei shuicheng section 109 km river area is divided into eight salvage operations, carrier group 1 vessel garbage every day, 2 automatic garbage salvage ship and 16 little fishing boat, from 7 am to 6 PM, the xiangjiang river water, steam, Lei shuicheng section water circuit salvage operations,Every day, the on-site operation will be uploaded to the digital information supervision platform of sanitation in real time in the form of short videos. Daily cleaning and key inspection will be combined to ensure the environmental sanitation of the waters around the urban water intake.Water sanitation management personnel inspect the waters along the three rivers and six banks every day, organize monthly special assessment of garbage salvage operations in the waters, and inform the assessment results in time.The city water sanitation management department called on citizens and tourists not to set off fireworks and firecrackers in the river, do not throw garbage into the river, consciously take care of the “mother river”.