Double Crane Lake Central Park received more than 57,000 visitors during qingming Festival

2022-05-30 0 By

With the epidemic prevention and control becoming normal, “near field trips, neighborhood trips, self-driving trips” and other travel methods are still the mainstream choices of tourists.Double Crane Lake Central Park, which is free to the public, received 57,136 visitors during the Qingming Holiday, presenting a lively scene of “flowers reflecting spring scenery, like weaving visitors better than ever”, according to statistics.During the Qingming Festival, the central Park of Double Crane Lake is warm and colorful in spring, attracting tourists who can’t wait to start their spring trip to the lake.With COVID-19 prevention and control on a regular basis, people are getting out of their homes to have close contact with nature and enjoy the beautiful spring scenery.Take a cruise ship on the lake, the wind blows on my face, the blue waves ripple, the eyes are such as poetry and painting.To provide visitors with comfortable, comfortable environment, double crane lake central park all safety plan ahead of time, someone is on duty 24 hours, led led to crane first around, yingbin square park, amusement park, commercial platform square, public toilets, cruise ships, and other key areas to check, to find the security hidden danger of supervise and urge the rectification;At the same time, the park advocates civilized sacrifice of tourists, volunteers and security personnel continue to do a good job in civilized garden guidance, effectively improve the comprehensive tourism reception capacity, to ensure tourists safe, smooth and happy to feel the charm of the Double Crane Lake.