To the pure goddess Wang Bingbing, the smile like a cure, the clear and pure like the sea

2022-05-28 0 By

Today to introduce you to a CCTV recently especially hot host Wang Bingbing, I believe that we are certainly very familiar with, after all, the goddess smile too cure, too pure beauty, as long as you see after, certainly let you forget, also must break your understanding of the host.The goddess was born in northeast China’s Jilin province and only joined CCTV in 2016.So for such a new face to attract attention in just a few years, its talent must be beyond doubt, talent in a crowded place must be very impressive.This year’s gala was not hosted by Wang Bingbing, but the pre-gala tour was reported by the newcomer, which was not easy enough.I usually do not watch this kind of class, but this year because Of Wang Bingbing’s joining I specially watched the whole time, her smile is really worthy of reputation.Wang Bingbing has a flower girl’s Spring Festival, let a person really feel the silt and not dyed, zhuo Qinglian and not demon temperament, today we come into Wang Bingbing!Feel the beauty of such pure to qing together, like friends remember to praise collection oh!