“Feathered Classroom Education Morning post” 2022.03.29

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A, 1, the Ministry of Education held national wisdom education platform to launch http://www.moe.gov.cn/jyb_xwfb/gzdt_gzdt/moe_1485/202203/t20220328_611461.html2, zhejiang fight “examination immigration and illegal recruit students,Graduated from high school grade last semester, in principle, shall not transfer, https://www.jiemodui.com/N/131351.html3, in the education of the people’s livelihood and the macro net reached a cooperation,To build the integrated production and education industry digital service platform https://www.lanjinger.com/d/1799254, hot cut in her class,http://www.duozhi.com/industry/insight/2022032813806.shtml two clicks exceeds 40 million times a day, 1, teaching golden age ended:From outside to inside (https://www.jiemodui.com/N/131339.html2, promoting professional undergraduate course education quality, and the pew http://www.moe.gov.cn/jyb_xwfb/s5148/202203/t20220328_611285.hTml3. Who is more anxious, 600,000 overseas returnees or 10 million graduates?https://www.jiemodui.com/N/131342.html4, from paper airplane K12 course training transformation project, the education entrepreneurs is how think?http://www.duozhi.com/industry/insight/2022032813806.shtml 3, 1, spring marketing, brand play into the order?https://www.niaogebiji.com/article-105239-1.html2, nailing buick logo in new,Upgrade brand logo exactly what learning https://36kr.com/p/16743053098923563, 1 month sales breakthrough, mint health domain in private to do?https://www.yunyingpai.com/ private domain operations / 777150. Html4, branding, want to spend a lot of money?4, 1, http://www.woshipm.com/marketing/5369961.html founder/CEO online private school education training institutions (0331) https://7532153893143.huodongxing.com/event/1641295915222 More education related dry goods, please pay attention to the wechat public number: SCYYHD.