Xiantan Co., LTD. (002746) : Pledge and rescission of shares of controlling shareholders

2022-05-26 0 By

This information comes from the public disclosure of the exchange, collated by the dispatch network intelligent announcement.The announcement on March 15, 2022 shows that: Mr. Wang Shouchun, the controlling shareholder and actual controller of Xiantan (002746), Ms. Qu Lirong and Shandong Xiandun Holding Co., Ltd. are acting in unison, holding 38,9301,194 shares of the company in total, accounting for 45.24% of the company’s total share capital.This is a summary of the company’s announcement. The publication of this article by Hexun is intended to convey more information and does not mean that hexun endorses its views or confirms its description.The content and data in this article are for reference only and do not constitute investment advice.Investors operate accordingly at their own risk.