Farmer changes anchor every year?The village of Chongqing has opened classes!

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“Go yo, today opened a class to groom yo, later oneself can take goods to be anchor.”On the morning of February 18, 49 new farmers in Jiangjia Town, Banan District, were waiting for an incubation and cultivation plan to open classes.After a year of training and screening, qualified candidates will become “anchors” for local agricultural products with goods.Last year, banan District Network information Office, the Youth League district Committee and Jiangjia Town jointly launched the “new farmer incubation and training program” to recruit creators who intend to take root in the countryside.The incubation period is one year, and it is expected to incubate 50% rural Internet talents with Internet marketing ability, and incubate about 10% local high-quality new farmers.Many new farmers are eager to have a try when taking the consignor to sow.After the registration was launched, 176 people applied within a week, most of them from jiangjia township.”The judges will interview and select 49 new farmers according to the requirements of qualifications, taking into consideration the students’ ability, time, work experience and other conditions.”Jiang jia town related person in charge said.Upstream news reporters learned that the training will focus on training the ability of short video operation and live video delivery. The successful high-quality new farmers will master a set of standard ability of short video operation and live video delivery, and have strong ability of short video cashing and live video delivery.After the training, jiangjia Town will be based on the students’ short video ability, live delivery ability, script writing ability and other comprehensive assessment, high-quality new farmers will be recommended to the city’s influential 5 live companies, two-way selection of employment.At the same time, you can also choose to stay in the nearby town of Jiangjia employment, in Caijiasi village “Jiangjia black” industry direct broadcast room with goods.Now, the “Jiang Jia Hei” industry is getting bigger and bigger, and local farmers have the confidence to speak for their hometown.”‘ farmers’ used to be farmers, but now the government provides training and we have the opportunity to bring goods to the village without fear of price pressure from middlemen.”Signed up to participate in the “anchor” training jiangjia Town plain village dai Lu Hong said.Upstream news reporter Guo Faxiang correspondent Fang Xia