All the expressions of the novel content can make people feel the pain and struggle of fate

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The impact of environmental change on everyone’s growth path is simply too great to predict.People are emotional animals, everyone has different capacity to bear, always bear the influence of good and bad environmental factors, or even the impact of major accidents, change the human nature, but also change the whole life.The famous suspense writer Zhao Jun’s Grey Tong was a dark suspense thriller. In his writing, he outlined the contradictions, rights and grievances between people in the domestic society, and reflected the life of ordinary people in today’s society.The corner of zhi county street, produced a murder case accidentally, because of the careless omission of detective action, Song Jian of criminal detective brings about criminal to be shot dead, but also saved the juvenile Zhuang Sheng that was imprisoned because of this, just everybody did not think of, this case becomes the initial of a series of future cases actually.The author uses a segmented description structure to narrate the story. The beginning of each story is strange, but as the story progresses, readers will obviously feel a bit strange. It is not until the appearance of a certain character or place at the end that they find that these side stories are directly or indirectly related to the tragedy of the beginning.Zhang Peng’s story is depressing, and his girlfriend Anqing’s experience is even more lamentable. These people who live at the bottom of the society have been struggling and living, but their fate is so unfair.After hearing the news that her brother had committed suicide by jumping off a building because of the kidnapping of a young child, Song Jian sets out on a journey to find the truth. All kinds of signs show that although his brother’s mental state is not very good, but to complete such a complex kidnapping and conscious suicide behavior, is very abnormal.And in the investigation process, the emergence of an Qing, there is a star called, the star of Pluto, the emergence of the person, are suspicious, what’s more, that is called the star has gray eye pupil of the man claiming to be Zhuang Sheng, but it seems not quite coordinated.As for the evil, the behavior of the star before and after the heart transplant operation can make readers feel obvious changes, which may be a special setting of the author, using the operation to express the light and shade of human nature.Intrigue, murder, money, all for survival and love. What else could one pray for?The author obviously wants to show the cruelty of life through the various forms of life in the society, such as the original family, the life at the bottom, the gap between the rich and the poor, and the social injustice.Many problems in the plot are not clear, the proportion of main line and branch line is not balanced, and the design of some cases is too idealistic.The suspense and rhythm in the book are well designed, and some plots and dialogues about human nature and life, as well as the main contradictions in society, can make people feel the pain and struggle of fate.