In 2018, the disappearance of three Vietnamese daughters-in-law in Guangxi was suspected by police as they were newlyweds, and several people were sentenced

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“Crackling!Crackle!”In June 2018, firecrackers rang out in the old village of Xiangli Town, Xing ‘an County, Guilin, Guangxi. It turned out that Tang Yonghua, a villager in his 40s, got married.However, it is strange that tang yonghua’s family did not hold a big banquet to invite everyone to dinner.At this time, an insider said: “The Tang family daughter-in-law, the origin of ‘questionable’, from Vietnam.”Hearing this, the villagers said, “Oh –“.Then show each other “know all understand” look in the eyes, marry Vietnamese daughter-in-law is not what “hidden” things, but this kind of Vietnamese daughter-in-law generally can not registered permanent residence, also can not pull the marriage certificate, and in order to avoid what trouble, so the Tang family did not act in a big way.However, who also did not think of is, just after three days, the news came out of the Tang family, they spent 20,000 bride price to buy back the Vietnamese bride, “mysteriously missing”!There are three Vietnamese brides in the village, and Tang yonghua is not the only one who has married Vietnamese brides.The first Vietnamese brides were jiang Pingyue’s family.Mr. Jiang has two sons, the first born in 1987 and the second in 1988.The Chiang family’s living conditions in the local can also be considered, the family lives very happy.The only thing that worried Jiang was the marriage of his two sons.By 2018, Mr. Jiang’s two sons, both in their early 30s, had no girlfriends, let alone married children.Jiang Ping Yue is preoccupied with thinking about holding grandchildren jiang Ping Yue heart that nasty ah, other people’s children twenty-five, six years old when basically married, his two children are still single, how not to let him worry angry.Jiang Pingyue’s eldest son is now working in other places, Jiang Pingyue is not worried about him, in the outside chuang chuang, contact with many people, want to find words or can find.However, his youngest son, Jiang Tao, is now working at home with him on the farm. He spends all day either at home or in the fields. Almost every village in the neighborhood has 30 or 40 elderly single men living alone in the village.In this case, the role of “matchmaker” comes into play.Unable to find suitable young women in the village, Jiang called on his relatives and friends to keep an eye out for people he knew and see if there were women willing to marry his son.In early June 2018, Jiang pingyue received good news from an acquaintance: “There is a man named Yang who has a lot of contacts and knows women in Vietnam. Would you like Xiao Tao to marry a Vietnamese wife?”Yang Wei and Jiang Pingyue once said that people in some places paid Vietnamese women to marry because they could not find a wife, but no one in the region had ever married a Vietnamese wife.However, the nearby village has no suitable age of young women, Jiang Pingyue ruthless cruel: “All right, Vietnam Vietnam!”Soon, Mr. Jiang and his son, led by an acquaintance, traveled to Xing ‘an and met Yang Wei, a middleman.According to Yang Wei, he knows several Vietnamese girls are working in the intermediary border since childhood, can understand, can also speak some Chinese.However, because it is a black relationship, so there is no identification documents, if you want to marry them, can not be registered permanent residence, can not get a certificate.”As long as I can get married and have children, it doesn’t matter whether I get a license or not.”With this in mind, Jiang pingyue and his son met two Vietnamese girls named “Ah Xiang” and “Xiao Lin” brought by Yang Wei.As for Jiang Tao, he did not know or understand either of the Two Vietnamese girls, so he randomly chose ah Xiang, who was relatively more beautiful.Although Jiang Tao could not get a marriage certificate or go through the formalities, the bride price was indispensable.Yang Wei, acting as the middleman, proposed a bride price of 60,000 yuan.Jiang, however, was only willing to give 40,000 yuan. “I’m not unwilling to give her 60,000 yuan, but I just want her to stay here longer,” he said.I’d better have a son and a daughter, if I can have one, and then I’ll give you all.”In this way, Jiang tao successfully married a xiang, 24, at the price of 40,000 yuan.Jiang Pingyue because of the fear of a xiang in the village for a year or two will run away, then the face is not good, so the Jiang family did not announce this matter, even the banquet did not do, just the second floor of the room layout when the marriage.However, although the Chiang family kept quiet, the news of Jiang tao’s marriage spread quickly in the village, and villagers often went to the Chiang family to “learn lessons”.This day, the same village villager Li Xicheng is going to Jiang’s home as a guest, happened to encounter to jiang’s home looking for a sweet play xiaolin.When he learned that Xiao Lin was also a Vietnamese girl, he was immediately moved.Xiao Lin Li Xicheng did not want to marry his wife, he is looking for a daughter-in-law.Li xicheng’s son, Xiao Li, is only 22 years old this year, but li xicheng is worried.When his son was 17 years old, he had taken a girlfriend home, but Li xicheng felt his son was too young to agree.Five years later, my son is a bachelor.Although Xiao Li was not very old, Li Xicheng was very worried when he saw so many old single young men in the surrounding villages. He thought it would be better to get married as soon as possible, so he arranged for his son to marry Xiao Lin.Li Xicheng xiao Li was not willing to marry a Vietnamese wife at the beginning, he wanted to marry a local wife, but looking at his father busy figure, still did not say no, nodded, with 40,000 yuan bride price to marry xiao Lin two years older than him as a wife.Like the Chiang family, Mr. Li feared that his daughter-in-law would run away before long, and there was no banquet.But he bought new furniture, such as a dresser and wardrobe.In addition, Li Xicheng also specially bought several new clothes for Xiao Lin.He told Xiao Lin directly, “As long as you don’t leave, I promise I will not mistreat you.Our family will not beat you scold you.I’ll treat you like my own daughter.”In a twinkling of an eye, Ah Xiang has lived in Jiang’s house for more than ten days, and Xiao Lin has lived in Li’s house for more than a week.They had never worked in the fields since they were married, but they were gentle and considerate, and competed in the housework.As a result, some people in the village were tempted: “Marry a Vietnamese wife, it seems very good!”Soon, villager Tang Yonghua approached Yang wei, hoping to “get” a Vietnamese wife from him.This year, I was over 40 years old. Although I had worked in the factory when I was young, there were many young girls in the factory, but because he was simple and quiet, he could not find a suitable wife until he left the factory. It was even more difficult for him to find a wife after returning to the farm.Tang Yonghua (left) now saw that Jiang Tao and Xiao Li had married a Vietnamese wife, and their married life was quite harmonious. He was also moved, so he found Yang Wei, hoping to marry a Vietnamese wife.However, what Tang did not expect was that when he appealed, Yang wei said that there were few girls left in his hands, only one girl named ah Hua.After meeting Ah Hua, Tang yonghua found her leg was disabled and wanted to leave.Tang yonghua thought, “With legs like this, I can’t do farm work, so why should I marry her?When Tang yonghua’s relatives heard about this, they advised one after another: “It’s ok for you to get a wife to live on. Why are you picky?Besides, wouldn’t it be better if she had a bad leg?And never will.”Tang Yonghua finally decided to marry Ah Hua after discussing with his mother.Tang yonghua spent only 20,000 yuan on the bride price because of her health.Treat Tang Jiaren jen although the body has a disease, but is very good, a Tang Yonghua also very satisfied, they didn’t expect, however, only after three days, accident happened…… the collective missing bride and Tang Yonghua married the fourth day morning, jen suddenly told Tang Yonghua said his stomach hurt, he took her to the county to go inside to see the doctor.Tang Yonghua did not think much, quickly took her to the county.After arriving at the county seat, ah Hua asked Tang Yonghua to walk in front and she followed because she was not familiar with the county seat.Tang yonghua felt that Ah Hua had a problem with her leg and could not run very far, so he walked boldly ahead. As soon as he passed a crowded intersection, he found that Ah Hua had mysteriously disappeared when he turned around.He’s only gone two or three minutes. Why is she gone?Until then, Tang yonghua did not realize that he did not leave Ah Hua’s mobile phone number, they did not even add wechat.Anxious, Tang Yonghua called Jiang Tao, hoping to contact Ah Hua through Ah Xiang.But jiang Tao on the other end of the phone said, “Ah Xiang went to the county town to play today.”Jiang Tao Jiang Tao know ah hua disappeared, the in the mind then had a foreboding, hurriedly called a sweet phone, the results found that no matter how to play can not be played.The phone can not be reached, then send wechat, the result is no matter wechat or video, a sweet at the other end of the phone is like someone else evaporated like all without movement.Ah Xiang did not go to the county alone, but with her “best friend” Xiao Lin.Jiang tao quickly got in touch with Xiao Li and asked if he could get in touch with Xiao Lin, only to be told that his family could not get in touch with Xiao Lin either.Oh, great. Three Vietnamese daughters-in-law, all missing at the same time.Despite the collective disappearance of the three Vietnamese daughters-in-law, the Chiang, Lee and Tang families still have one remaining thought: “What if it’s just a coincidence?Perhaps they will come back in a few days?”In this way, the three families waited for more than ten days, the results of a xiang, Xiao Lin, a Hua or did not come back, the phone can not be reached, until this time the three families finally responded: “we are not cheated?”Think of here, three families meet to go to the police station inside the police report.The police listened to three families narrating the case, feel that this should be a transnational marriage fraud, immediately launched a visit to investigate the matter.The police were surprised to find that the same thing happened in several villages around the country. All the Vietnamese brides ran away as soon as the bride price was paid. There were nine similar cases in Guilin alone.It is worth noting that all the brides were introduced by Yang Wei.A police investigation revealed that Yang, a resident of Huaqiao Village, Xiangli Township, Xing ‘an County, was born in 1987 and had a criminal record. He had spent 10 years in prison for raping a woman and was released just two years ago.After he came out, he did not do his duty and wandered about all day long. He once drove a car for a period of time, and then he did not know how.We do not know whether Yang Wei is too confident or what, he committed a number of crimes after not thinking of escaping, but continued to swagger around in xing ‘an County.On August 23, Yang was arrested by local police.Mr. Yang’s confession came soon after his arrest, saying he had been “seduced” into his profession by a fellow inmate surnamed Chen.Originally, When Yang Wei squatted in prison at the beginning, ever communicated with cellmate once “glorious deeds”, when he learned from “Chen Elder brother” over there still have legerdemain marriage this kind of “make money way” hind, immediately moved heart, after be released from prison follow “Chen elder brother” stem together.Later, Yang wei also had a few “resources” in his hands and began to work on his own.Every time he did a job, he took five to ten thousand.So, where did Xiang and the others go?After the police investigation, it was found that a Xiang and others returned to Vietnam first, did not stay long and secretly ran back across the border, in Yulin, Wuzhou, Guigang and other places of the countryside fleeing crime.Now, the three of them have respectively fled to Guigang Guiping city, Pingnan County, Beiliu city and other places.Soon, the police launched a targeted arrest work, in the arrest action, in addition to the successful arrest of the three swindlers, the police also followed the case to catch another several “Vietnamese brides” and two Vietnamese matchmakers “Sister Feng”, “sister LAN”, and was called by Yang Wei “Brother Chen” Chen Fuyi.A Xiang, a xiang, A Lin, a Hua’s real names are Ruan Shi Mei, Liang Shi Lin, Ben Shi Cui, after police investigation confirmed that their criminal gang defrauded a total of 1.1 million yuan.Guilin as the wild goose mountain to the people’s court to trial of the case, nguyen thi mai, Liang Shilin BenShiCui three people for crimes confessed, hoping to be given a lighter sentence, and Yang wei is in the wrong court shouted: “I was they use, and later did I know they are a big group, I just an accessory, are they a few use.”It was obvious that Yang Wei’s death struggle was doomed to be in vain.Court of wild goose mountainous area thinks via hearing, Yang Wei, Ruan shi Mei, Liang Shi Lin, cardia shi Cui bilk fact holds water.Yang wei was sentenced to 5 years in prison and fined 80,000 yuan for being a recidivist.Ruan Shi Mei was sentenced to 4 years and 4 months in prison and fined 70,000 yuan;Liang Shilin sentenced to 3 years and 3 months in prison, fined 50,000 yuan;Benshi cui was sentenced to 3 years and 1 month in prison and fined 50, 000 yuan.As a matter of fact, Tang Yonghua and others had their own reasons for this.Marriage is a lifetime event, spend tens of thousands of dollars, buy a person who knows a few days, how can you rely on it?Disclaimer: This article is published for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: