Sanya agricultural technicians take multiple measures to guide crops cold resistance

2022-05-23 0 By

New Hainan client, south China Sea network, Southern Metropolis daily news on February 26 (reporter Li Shengfu) should be trained, local guidance…In recent days, sanya has been suffering from low temperature due to strong cold air.In order to reduce the impact of bad weather on the production of fruits and vegetables, agricultural technicians from Sanya Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Sanya Agricultural Technology Center, Sanya Tropical Agricultural Research Institute, and Sanya Hot Farming Center went deep into the fields to guide farmers in many ways and methods on how to prevent cold and disease for fruits and vegetables.Sanya agricultural technology experts guide growers on how to protect melons and vegetables from the cold.”With the guidance of technicians, we have a better understanding of how to prevent pests and diseases and cold protection techniques, and have more confidence in planting.”Sanya Tianya district Hug dragon village farmer Dong Wen said, two days ago, agricultural technical personnel came to the village, in view of the villagers put forward how to prevent and control pests and diseases in low temperature weather and other problems on-site answers, timely prescription, to help farmers scientifically deal with low temperature weather.Sanya agricultural technology experts guide growers on how to protect melons and vegetables from the cold.This is the epitome of Sanya coping with low temperature and cold wave weather to ensure the smooth development of spring agricultural production, and also the aspirations of sanya farmers.”The recent low temperature weather to pickled peppers, beans and other melon and vegetable growth brought a certain impact, we are worried about how to do a good cold measures, agricultural technology experts to help.””At this time, okra and cowpeas are in bloom and the rain will knock the pollen off and may not bear fruit.”In Sanya Yazhou district fengling village tianyang, agricultural technology experts give advice to farmers on how to keep crops warm.Greenland Mango Cooperative production base in Meidong Village, Yazhou District, Zhenfa Cooperative production base in Sankm Village, Shengchang Village Youlong Company production base in Haitang District, Nantian Jutianwan Barley planting base…During this period, we can see the busy figures of sanya agricultural technicians everywhere in the fields and villages of Sanya.Sanya agriculture and Rural bureau related person in charge of introduction, in order to do a good job of agricultural production to keep out the cold work, before the cold wave to each district agriculture and rural bureau and relevant units issued cold wave warning information.In recent days, through the continuous organization of technical personnel in the field, scientific guidance to farmers to do a good job of cold weather, to ensure that crops successfully through low temperature weather, agricultural production safety and effective supply of agricultural products.