Friends, friends

2022-05-23 0 By

Festival walk, suddenly think of singer Zang Tianshuo sang a song: friends.His voice, ragged and hoarse, was still in my ears.The song expresses the true feelings between friends.Now, he is gone, I do not know there are friends think of him.There are too many deep understandings and understandings about friends for me to talk about.I’m just saying that at different stages of life, friends are different.Acquaintances and colleagues that is not called friends, that is called survival childhood, together, that is called playmates.Go to school close, that is called lonely.When I first started working, it was a colleague.Once in a while, a few people have a crush on you. That’s called making friends.It’s all about survival and equality.At this point, you keep your eyes on the people around you, the people you know, the people you work with.Looking up at a stranger, that’s development.Our career to a certain stage, there is a certain foundation and space for rise, you will consciously or unconsciously the eyes staring at the superior and superior body, hope they know you, may be the best friends.Friends, at this time, has become your development of capital, starting stepping stone, promotion stepping-stone, at least is the protection of self safety umbrella.Friends at this time, with a great purpose and utility.Let’s not avoid this problem, society, life is like this.Make invisible friends all over the world, this is called seeing through life.When a person has experienced the vagaries of life with utilitarian fame and fortune, spring, summer, autumn and winter, you will feel that everything is floating clouds, friends will leave, and life will eventually be lonely.At this time, you want to make a few come, you don’t ask him, he also don’t ask me your bosom friend.As we have made nearly 10,000 friends on the headlines, 99.999% of them are netizens who do not know their real name, address and occupation.I passed the headlines, shandong fans first, Guangdong second, Henan third, my location fourth, Hebei fifth.Several wechat friends, old and young, male and female, north and south.They ask about me every day, they care about me, and when you’re not in the headlines, they get anxious.They also became part of my spiritual sustenance.I only know their wechat accounts, some know their provinces.That’s what a true friend is.Different life stages, different life experiences, no desire to get along, three views of the same view, this is my understanding of friends.