Fire drill and safety inspection records of Maternal and child Health Hospital of Huoshan County

2022-05-23 0 By

In order to strengthen the fire safety management of maternal and child health care in Huoshan County, to avoid fire hazards, in the afternoon of February 16th, led by the county fire brigade Instructor Li Qiang, the whole team of 25 commanders and fighters came to our hospital for fire safety and rescue actual combat drill and routine inspection of fire equipment and facilities safety.The commanders to visit together huoshan county maternity and child care between all the buildings on campus layout, security building, building each floor department set position, especially for fire control room, fire pump room, transformer room, in-patient department, operating room, underground fire cut key parts such as fire control and basic situation has carried on the detailed enquiry,And how to do a better job in the next step of maternal and child health care in Huoshan county fire safety requirements and reference suggestions.Fire rescue actual combat drill in the comprehensive building to the sixth floor, Huoshan County maternal and child health care by the general services department Zhang Rongjun, property company Yu Changling, Xu Na, fire construction unit Engineer Xu, Master Wang and other people to participate.Exercise subjects since received the fire alarm, fire rescue workers carry fire hose, fire axe, oxygen tanks quickly on foot from the first floor on the east side fire ladder up to the sixth floor the elevator room door, and then made up of six firefighters interior rescue teams to carry light guide rope, rescue equipment, including rope, fire axe crawl to the layer of fire cut to reach trapped personnel safety, takes 8 minutes.After the drill, all the participants lined up outside. Captain Li Qiang made comments on the rescue drill.The whole exercise was safe and smooth, and achieved the expected results.Source: Maternal and child Health care of Huoshan County