Why do most husbands forgive their wives after they cheat?Three of them spoke from the heart

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How to make your loved one “fall in love with you” quickly?Just click “Follow” in the upper right corner to get a shortcut to love every day.So what would you do if your spouse had sex with someone else?Most people get divorced if they cheat.But based on the survey results, many men forgive.After his wife cheated on him, he calmed down and analyzed, but he was still stuck in a dead end.First, what happens if we don’t get divorced?Some men’s careers are doomed to spend too little time away.This was bound to make her feel empty again.Can she hold the line if someone swoop in?Can she change in the future?If she often asks too much, are you willing to give?Do you have the power to satisfy her?How will you treat her for the rest of your life?How to deal with the syndrome of betrayal?How to avoid secondary damage and mutual damage?Second, what happens if you get divorced?For the rest of your life, would you accept a woman with no relationship or previous marriage history into your life?Or will you die alone?With any luck, would you be jealous of your ex-wife’s happy new life?Is it okay that the woman you’ve been with for years is now with another man?After the divorce, the kids who are still in school need a lot of money, so you still have to work.This determines that you spend less time with your children each year. How will their daily life and psychological problems be?Divorce or no divorce, heartache is a constant for the rest of your life.There is no perfect marriage and no perfect spouse.If the marriage is in trouble, whether to divorce or stay, everyone has different ideas.Why do some husbands forgive their wives for adultery?I interviewed three people who had been there and listened to their thoughts.Mr. Zhao, 41: My wife and I were our first love at school.Married 13 years, two kids.I cherish this relationship.Married for many years, I not only earn money to support my family, but also do a lot of housework, almost every day I cook.Our life is ordinary and warm, so I think it will go on like this.Until one day I found her riding home in the boss’s car.It was only when I got out of the car a long way from home and affectionately waved goodbye to the occupants that I realized she was emotionally unfaithful.In addition to the man who dropped her off every day, they talked on their cell phones.I was surprised at first.We have been married for many years and have a good relationship foundation. I didn’t expect her to be so easily emotional with others.During this period, her performance was good, she was promoted, and the affair started from then on.He was her boss, helping her with her work.Her own ability to work is also excellent, of course, hard-working.The two exchanged more and more, and gradually drifted off course.A year ago, I found evidence of several flirtatious conversations between them, and she lied to me that they were just good friends.At the end of the epidemic, I returned to my hometown with my children.She had to go to work, so she went back to work alone.I’ve called a few times lately, but she hasn’t answered.So I knew something was wrong, but I had no proof.Six months ago, I accidentally clicked on my wife’s phone calls while driving.I found the two men talking inseparable for half an hour.After a showdown with her, the wife cut off all contact with each other and agreed to go home.Deleted the contact information from my face.So I decided to forgive.But after a while, I found that they were sending personal greetings on other platforms, and I was hurt.Still, I pretended not to see it.We have children and been married for over 10 years.I don’t think anyone’s gonna be that nice to her when I’m gone.Other than her flirtation, I don’t know if anything substantive happened.But whether it happens or not, I’m miserable, but I have to get on with it every day.Mr. Zhu, 35: When I met her, I knew she liked to play, but I really liked her bold personality. When I was with her, I felt novel every day.So I chased her for a few months, and soon we decided to get married.A baby was born soon after.She spent the first four months at home with the baby, her mother by her side helping her.When her baby was five months old, she started looking for work.Since then, she has changed. She often eats and sings with other colleagues and usually comes back around 12 PM.After this went on for a while, I began to give her orders: The baby is so small, you have to come back earlier every day.At first she would listen to me, stick to the deal, play for a while and come back.But after a while, he started to come back late.We always argue because she comes home late. She resents my control and hates that she doesn’t have freedom.I hate it when she gets married and doesn’t care about her family and just wants to have fun.Sometimes I want to end the relationship, but every time I see a child asking for a mother, the soft part of my heart gets stirred up.We sometimes have a cold war.I lived in the store so as not to fight.Then she promised me she’d be home early to take care of the kids.But I don’t know when she’s going to go out again.Marriage is hard.It wouldn’t be easy to replace her, and whatever she and that colleague did, I don’t want to pursue it anymore.After she was willing to go home, I decided to forgive her.Mr Huang, 45: She stays at home to take care of her children.I work in a different city.We were married 20 years, found out she was seeing someone three years ago.I used to go home once or twice a year and send home all the money I earned.It is also hard for her to look after her children in her hometown alone.That’s when she met a man who was working.They were going out secretly for a year, and I heard about it from my friends.She wasn’t very nice to me during Chinese New Year.The two are not as close as they used to be.I knew she was looking for someone.It was a miserable year.Every time I’m with her, I remember that she was with someone else.A few years later, I returned to my hometown city and learned many things.Take care of both parents and children at home.In my case, it’s hard to find anyone else.There are many helpless things written in the last life, the various stages of marriage may appear different problems.When problems occur, we should face them rationally and find the root of the problem, otherwise another person will repeat the same mistake.What do you think you might see out the window?Take a quiz to find out what your biggest regrets are, and see the answers in the comments section. 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