Is Cho out of the picture, picking such a bad script?

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Is Cho out of the picture, picking such a bad script?Is Cho really on the wane?Really old!A film with no clear theme and a bad narrative, I don’t know!Today I saw a movie “Tattoo”. If it is a movie reflecting modern urban life, I believe it can be watched a lot, very interesting.This is a story about a gang struggle in southwest China on the eve of the official war between China and Japan in 1936, and a Japanese spy trying to stir up the situation.What is it about?A Chang, one of the most skilled members of the Qinglong Association, the largest salt merchant organization in Longyan town, southwest China, tattooed people as a career.He was a single man with a five – or six-year-old daughter.Very strange is Japan super high class spy Asano found chang, said to him to give yourself a green dragon tattoo.But he didn’t really want A chang to tattoo him, he intentionally or unintentionally wanted to make friends with a Chang, why?Chang do not understand, he does not know Asano, asano this Japanese is not interested.But things are not to chang’s will to transfer, it is not that he does not want to make friends with Asano, Asano seems to be identified with him, not to deal with him, and asano to find him is not goodwill.It’s like he’s using him, discrediting him, making his situation more and more dangerous.Because as long as Asano looking for him, he and asano will appear in the location of the dead, are inexplicable assassination of green dragon members, or their families.So the people of Longyan town, members of the Green Dragon Association think that A Chang is a traitor, longyan town people’s death must be related to him.Everyone in Longyan wanted to get rid of him to avenge his family and brothers.In fact, the death of those people, some directly died in the Hands of the Japanese Asano, and some are assassinated by unidentified people.But why asano deliberately let people know that he found a chang?Why would someone die where they showed up pin it on Chang?The original Asano bought the local police chief, director of the unknown murderer is actually director of the people, then why to frame a Chang?Japanese and luo director’s purpose is to get rid of the green dragon will, but can not find a breakthrough point, green dragon will be who can be used to provoke trouble?Only Chang.Chang has to move around because of his role as a tattoo artist and can contact many people, even Asano.So chang was director luo and Asano used to do a sucker.As more and more people died in the town, Chang became the target of public criticism, there was no way to hide.Even the old boss of the Green dragon will also be calculated, died in a Chang to yingji tattoo place.The green Dragon will also decide to remove a Chang.But when Asano went to his house, he saw the figure of director Luo far away.He understood that he was now in the town of Longyan siege of all the situation, are asano and director luo design.He found director luo, director luo admitted, but director luo also made it clear that he is now a dead end.Because director luo’s purpose is not only to get rid of the Green dragon, but also to get rid of the Japanese Asano, director luo this person is love country, but his patriotic way good strange, at the expense of his brother!During the process of watching this movie, people feel that the movie must be bad, and sure enough, the douban score is only 4.0 points.Why is it so low?Tell me how I feel.First, the rhythm of the movie is slow, there is no point to impress people, let alone the climax. Therefore, in the process of the development of the boring movie for the audience, the soundtrack has always been slow music without emotional color, which makes people uncertain about the direction of the plot, confused, and have no confidence to watch its development.Have no expectations because it makes you feel vaguely that nothing exciting is going to happen at the end.Why do you feel that way?Because through the character’s personality, words and deeds, we can’t see the shining point of positive energy in the character, so what else can we expect from him?Music gives a person’s feeling, like an athlete is jumping in place, neither forward nor backward, just over time, he is neither going back nor forward, just in place, his behavior is meaningless!The whole story is narrated in the first-person way, which is all the soliloquy of Ah Chang, which is well designed. The flashback is that Ah Chang tells how he died.But movies are visual art. Do you have to be there all the time?It’s so childish!Very poor!The director can’t tell a story. He can’t tell a narrative.Third, the theme of the story is not clear, what kind of story do you want to tell?What kind of story does the director want to tell?Tell the anti-japanese?Don’t like.Bromance?Don’t like.About blood?Also don’t like.Tell father?Also don’t like.What the hell are you talking about?The protagonist’s ideological tendency is not obvious, where is his positive significance?That’s what gang warfare and Asano used?A victim?What does his death mean?The hero, Ah Chang, is neither completely anti-japanese, nor fully brotherly, nor fully loves his children. In addition to good tattoo technology and high martial arts skills, it is not exciting to show off his martial arts skills, because there is no enthusiasm and nothing valuable to present, and the audience is not interested.You don’t focus on one aspect, or the anti-japanese, focus on how he concentrated and determined to deal with the Japanese Asano, for the country, for the people to get rid of his story;Or about father love, in order not to lose her father’s love in the future, after burning the house with her daughter to swim away, later to train her daughter into a great figure;If the words of blood, focus on the story of his rotten dragon mother, son and rotten dragon revenge.Just one, and it’s good enough to make this movie shine.I don’t think there is a big problem with the performance of the actors. They are all ok.Special play LAN er’s small actor, in this play I always thought she was the real leading role, because she acted carefully!Good little actor!Vincent Cho, an old actor.Also had shot very classic, for example with Jet Li cooperation “Fang Shiyu”, their fight has been very classic, indelible!But now, Cho is really old, his time has passed!Five, where are the flaws?It’s the script.This movie is about the script, and a script ruins a play!The narrative of the story is too clumsy to tell, like a clumsy person who cannot speak.Plot design and unreasonable, as long as the audience want to find fault, plot aspects can pick out a lot of illogical places.For example, how could Achang have been stupid enough to guess that he was in desperate straits when someone was plotting against him?But do you think he’s stupid for anything?;Japanese in the town of Green dragon has been rampant, brazen killing, green dragon will be the boss was he easily designed to kill, too no brain?And so on.In short, the failure of the film lies in its script, which is thin and superficial because it fails to dig into any one aspect.This is a student examination when the test work, under the hasty creation without careful grinding, so can not stand!Of course the score is not high!