Chinese stock market: the “omen” before the stock launch, is finally clear

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In this kind of risk market, investors’ own emotion is the enemy of their survival and development.In trading, their emotions are often used by traders to attack the market, in fact, the market is a market without emotion and emotion, from beginning to end will not hurt you.Ironically, most investors are frustrated by their own emotions.Do stock people, there is a mentality, that is to earn more, earn more, earn more, earn more, earn more, earn more, lose more, but finally, ask the people around, found that few people can earn money.Even if he made money in the bull market, he still lost money in the bear market, so he became bolder and eventually changed his investment to gambling. It was clear that the winners were always in the minority.The stock market is difficult to predict because it is really the psychological response of investors, and investor psychology is unpredictable and unpredictable.The essence of trade is human, and human practice is also a spiritual discipline, which is a kind of suffering.As a result, many people are trying out “mysterious” techniques that can instantly treat stocks as atMs to avoid psychological training.Unfortunately, this technology is a luxury.We want to succeed in the market, the best way is to exercise themselves, exercise themselves, let yourself into the market.However, K line analysis, at this point, there is a great advantage, because K line analysis is more intuitive, more intuitive, more can reflect the psychology of investors.If you don’t have a clear goal, you will often give up, and without the right strategy, you will take one detour after another down the wrong road.Without the right ideas and methods, you’re going to have to walk in the dark, not be ruthless in exchange for market insights, and even if you see a glimmer of hope, it’s probably going to be a long night.Will there be a new dawn?No one can really help you but yourself.No one can give you the answer, only time.In the stock market, it is necessary to have professional technical knowledge and judgment ability.However, knowledge and ability are two different concepts.Knowledge is the category of cognition, ability is the category of practice.Only by turning your knowledge into your ability can you become a qualified investor and gain gains in the stock market.The main pull signal “rising up” is a K line technical form, after a period of decline, in the low horizontal collation, the average system presents a state of adhesion, or the interval is very small, short arrangement.From 13 days, 34 days, 55 days three lines up, is an important signal that the banker began to pull high, this line from the three lines up out of the big Yang line is called “jiedongzhi”.Banker’s typical attack means, be in this time, they boldly rushed up.Formation mechanism: After repeated adjustment of stock prices, the chaotic system of moving averages finally coalesces around a common goal.The adhesion movement of the average system, said that the market holding cost is basically consistent, said that the sell-off has been sold, not to sell temporarily lost the power to short;The “mushroom” strategy is adopted by the house, which is very patient in limiting prices, making some people throw in the towel because there is no hope, thus making the outside funds feel that there is no profit and reluctant to enter.The volatility of stock prices is smaller, indicating that makers are choosing the direction to break.When house makers feel the time is up, they jump, quickly pull stocks out of the zone, and then make a final rush when volume spikes.The volume of sesame at the bottom is large, and the column on the main volume column is like the size of sesame, which is shorter than the average volume line of 5, 10 and 20 days. The continuous occurrence of such small sesame is close to the bottom.There is also a small Yang or small Yin line on the K line, which is the size of a sesame seed from a distance.When the low-level collection is finished, there is a process of going back to the file, at which point the quantity sesame pattern will be displayed.Sesame quantity base price of the market value in the main force to do early chips and early preparation work, the stock price will have a significant rise.At this time the main force to do is the next pull up, must carry out a big cleaning.When the main shock, early to follow the chips, once the price of a sharp adjustment, will be sold.In the short term, when there is no selling, there is no selling, which makes the trading volume of the stock drop sharply.Shock cang must shock to the amount of extreme contraction, ability to calculate the lowest point of the stock.The stock is adjusted in a shrinkage, the volume of contractions to the limit, namely the stock adjustment of the time.If the stock price forms a gold cross on the MACD after the MACD indicator appears, the stock price has bottomed.Signs before stocks Rally Sign 1: The most obvious feature of a gold pit is the appearance of a large pit just before the stock market starts to rise, and when the stock price is dug out, it has a lot of room to rise.This is the “gold pit” of the stock market, where there has been a continuous decline in the market, with share prices falling below all averages.However, the amount of energy has been very small, belongs to the contraction of the decline, which is the characteristics of the stock market.Once entering the golden period, the volume will gradually expand, the price will gradually pick up, and finally break through the previous high, starting a new round of rising.Sign two: bottom continues to be advantageous empty, stock price does not fall to rise instead a few main force shares when beginning to rise, affirmation can leave no stone unturned ground to wash them off, when letting them despair, be the beginning of the market.When stock prices hit bottom, there are always some good news, such as scandals of major shareholders, old company news and so on.Or bad news about the stock market, but even when it’s bad news, stock prices don’t go up, they go down.Sign 3: chips are highly concentrated in the stock price before the rise, whether the makers or the main force, there will be a lot of chips.Only at the lowest point of the stock can they make more money and make the stock price rise.Similar chips, chips in the unit of 12-13.5 yuan, the average cost of chips is 12.80 yuan.In terms of the concentration of chips, most chips are in the hands of the main force, and the stock price is also rising.From the perspective of these chips, these are money-making chips that will continue to go up.Today I will share with you here, because space is limited, if you want to know more, please follow and comment!For more wonderful articles, please pay attention to my hundred number and share with you every day.Please leave a message in the message area.