Yan Ni holds daughter in both hands also really spell, mother and daughter cooperate to shoot magazine beautiful leg, daughter a face of misery did not have her foreign style

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In a few fashionable modelling, can use colour normally also or it is novel element will seek the stimulation feeling on the vision, the breakthrough of modelling has let dress serve for the practical function of foundation only no longer, magnified the design feeling among them however.Newest in the magazine modelling, Yan Ni crosses the dress that season mixes build with one to appear, it is a foundation with skirt outfit, use coat to serve as administrative level construction sheet is tasted, wore the fashionable feeling that gives mix to build effectively, the conflation of element of this kind of concept, had brought the novel feeling on the vision actually.Parent-child outfit style: 01, the same color, two kinds of style and is regarded as the object of the two age groups, to ensure the uniformity of modelling, color is the first need to pay attention to of place, in a lot of the design concept of parent-child outfit, are usually in color as the medium of age harmonic effectively achieved remission age, shape modelling atmosphere of integrity.With green as the carrier, the two styles of mother and daughter are based on their age attributes respectively.As ni yan has been entering the middle-aged phase, pay more attention to the shape of a temperament on modelling, so the design of dust coat is fully released light ripe charm, at the same time, the daughter as after 90, pay more attention to the design of a dress sense, so the model fully respect her age attribute, asymmetric shoulder design, reflect the youth and vitality of young people, the same color, two kinds of style,Closely around the age of play, showing the charm of different age classes.02. Collision of pure color and color, blending of complexity and simplicity In the actual matching process, the parent-child styling of mother and daughter also comes from their different aesthetic appreciation of color system.Middle-aged phase of the women, because of the boring life property, so they will consciously into some bright color elements in the modelling, reflected in the clothing can show the printing area, ni yan the modelling also is so, the color matching dress than daughters in color while the more bright, but it looks tacky, this also is the deficiencies of the department of design and color, is not able to bear or endure look.At the same time, as the young people to shape the pursuit of simplicity, a lot of basic clothing to cater to their aesthetic instead, Zou Yuanqing this in plain color as the main body, the release of finished leisure along with the gender, so this kind of pure color and color of the collision, the interaction of complex and simple, also can achieve outstanding age level, release the role of personality.Behind on the classic black and white color is delivering a dignified and atmosphere, at the same time, in order to effectively achieve the result that distinguish, Zou Yuanqing choose design and color of the dress, with printing as the main body, highlighted the different levels of modelling, completed style distinguish stressed that this also tells us, to learn basic principles of collocation, is embracing the principles of fashion.Sister dress: 01, highlight the proportion of bright colors, weaken the age range In order to weaken the age range, in the modeling and wearing of sister dress, usually increase the investment in the proportion of bright colors, use bright colors to complete the subversive reversal of style, reflect the different aesthetic of wearing.Starting from the level of weakening the age, the color system this time focuses on the bright color system, starting with bright and warm yellow and blue, which consciously improves the brightness and layering of the modeling, and creates the attribute of warm spring tomorrow.It is the main body with loose coat, the contracted and agile on the design, ensured the concise feeling of modelling effectively, go a line smoothly, agile clipping also laid the foundation with the advanced feeling of modelling.02, build color partition, contrast and frame flavor with black and white as the dominant aesthetic modeling, shunting from the two big color blocks, Yan Ni this set of modeling to grasp the powerful beauty of black, using the slit design to release the feminine flavor, at the same time, hair style and auxiliary support, effectively complete the shape of flavor feeling, fit her traditional aura.The modelling of the daughter is dominant with white department, the cover of big color piece, brought good relaxed feeling on the vision, but the tightness on the design had not grasped however, bring about the feeling that the waist gives a person is not particularly fine, did not release perfect female curve.This time the mother and daughter shoot a big film, you can see that the difference in modeling is not very big, but the aura presented is too far apart, the daughter’s face is not strong expression mother.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you.