Fushun Key News Express, January 10, 2022

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On January 10, there will be light snow in Fushun during the daytime, the wind will be affected by the northeast cold vortex. It is expected that light snow will appear in Fushun from 8 o ‘clock to 15 o ‘clock on January 10, the total snowfall is 0.5 ~ 1 mm, the depth of new snow is 1 ~ 2 cm, and there will be wet roads or snow ice.The temperature dropped 5 ~ 8℃ from 10th to 11th, and the lowest temperature in the morning of 11th and 12th was -25 ~ -22℃.A 94-year-old fushun resident surnamed Yang’s home has been equipped with a multi-functional nursing bed, an emergency call device connected to the platform and a smoke and fire alarm detector for free.After the installation, the staff of the platform patiently taught the elderly’s family how to use it.The Communist Youth League has carried out 7 volunteer service activities of “easy preparation ·12355 go with you” this year, launched 8 online video courses for decompression before the examination, and the 12355 psychological consultation hotline has received 135 calls, serving nearly 1,000 young people.The primary school in Xinfu District of Fushun city organized a comprehensive evaluation of the number of words for all students in grade one and grade two to take the final exam.Garden party set up office necessities, a small hand, guess lantern riddles, mstching game, set off firecrackers, cherish time, broadcast show, send blessings eight themes, through I can calculate, I will answer, I can see, I can choose, I will do, I think, I will back, I would say, incorporates the knowledge of Chinese and mathematics this semester designed to recruit the game.