Behind the “wonderful Winter Olympics” : more than 10,000 researchers participated in the development of more than 200 technologies

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Science and technology is one of the three major features of the Beijing Winter Olympics.February 16, 2022, the Beijing news center for special science and technology is related to the games are held a news conference, the Ministry of Science and Technology and social development slurry sampling, director of ZhuXueHua said, by organizing the implementation of “games” of science and technology key projects, a batch of key core technology, demonstrated a number of cutting-edge led technology, into a batch of green low-carbon technologies, construction of a batch of demonstration project.Around venues, running, command, security, health care, weather, traffic, broadcast, watching key scenarios, such as more than 500 units, more than 10 scientific research personnel to participate in research and development of more than 200 technology achievements in test match, athletes training, the race has carried out demonstration application, for the Beijing Olympics run competitions with high quality and high level provides a strong support.In the Beijing Winter Olympics, the first underwater torch relay robot in Olympic history, the National Speed Skating “Ice Ribbon” zero-carbon ice, the main media center intelligent restaurant robot cooking food delivery “train”…These eye-opening “dark technologies” don’t come easily.Zhu said that according to the deployment of the leading group for the 24th Winter Olympic Games, the Ministry of Science and Technology has carefully analyzed the characteristics and needs of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and put forward the idea of a “high-tech Winter Olympics” on the basis of summarizing the practices of serving the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and the Guangzhou Asian Games.In 2016, under the overall coordination of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, the Ministry of Science and Technology, together with the General Administration of Sport of China, Beijing City, Hebei Province and other relevant departments and local governments, formulated the “Scientific and Technological Winter Olympics (2022) Action Plan”.The overall design of key tasks focuses on eight aspects, including “zero-emission energy supply, green travel, 5G sharing, smart watching, sports technology, clean environment, safe hosting and international cooperation”.In particular, the Ministry of Science and Technology has set up and implemented the key project of “Science and Technology Winter Olympics” in the National Key RESEARCH and development Plan to meet the major scientific and technological needs of the Winter Olympics, such as organizing, participating and watching the Games.Beijing and Hebei province also organized local scientific and technological forces to undertake national key RESEARCH and development programs, and set up provincial scientific and technological Winter Olympics special projects.The Beijing Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee (BOCOG) has formulated the Implementation Plan for Key Projects of the Scientific and Technological Winter Games to promote the implementation and application of project achievements.The General Administration of Sport of China studies and puts forward scientific and technological requirements for participating in competitions, and promotes the application of project achievements in national team training and competitions.Zhu xuehua said that in order to gather all forces and speed up the implementation of the action plan, under the overall coordination of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, the Ministry of Science and Technology, together with relevant departments and local authorities, set up the “science and technology Winter Olympics” leading group, to provide organizational mechanism guarantee for cross-department coordination of the overall work of the “science and technology Winter Olympics”.We will establish mechanisms for collaborative work, innovative project implementation, promotion of the combination of RESEARCH and development and application, and strengthening the command and dispatch during the Games, and organize and coordinate all forces to do a good job in the scientific and technological Winter Olympics.Among them, the innovation project implementation mechanism, Ministry of Science and Technology together with the Beijing games organizers, general administration of sports and other user departments and Beijing, hebei province, such as territorial units, according to the principle of “three joint”, namely common concise technology requirements, design research and development tasks, organize project implementation together, guarantee “games” of science and technology key task can be born, can implement, and can be used.At the same time, the implementation mechanism of innovative projects will be formed. For example, for the tasks of the winter Olympic Stadium, the owner unit will directly take the project as the main body, so as to realize the deep integration of project research and development and engineering construction.We will promote the integration of R&D and application, and strengthen the integration and information sharing of similar projects based on mission objectives and key issues.Establish a regular work promotion mechanism, organize project undertaking units and user units to hold regular scheduling meetings, timely study and solve practical problems encountered in the implementation of the project, and promote the integrated application, testing and comprehensive display of project technical achievements through test competitions.”Under the leadership of the command system of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, the leading group of the Science and Technology Winter Olympics has set up a special team for temporary work during the Games to comprehensively track the application of the technical achievements of the science and technology Winter Olympics during the games, and maintain close communication with the on-site support personnel of the project undertaking units, venue owners in the competition area and the administrative departments of the territory.To timely understand and help solve the difficulties in the application of project achievements in the Winter Olympics, and ensure that all new technologies are used in the actual staging of the Winter Olympics.”Zhu xuehua said that under the leadership of the leading group, all departments made concerted efforts to provide scientific and technological guarantee for the preparation of the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, and promoted the realization of the goal of “simple, safe and wonderful” games.A total of 212 technologies will be applied at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in response to the actual needs of the Games, centering on the five major areas of organizing, participating, watching, security and demonstration.Said Huang Jing, director of the China Agenda 21 Management Center.Zhu said that technical problems in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the bobsled track, the National Ski Jumping Center and the Speed Skating Stadium have been solved, and the Stadium has been transformed into an intelligent bird’s Nest and water Cube. The National Speed Skating Stadium has become a representative of green, low-carbon and smart venues.During the torch relay, which started on February 2, the torch was held stably in high winds and low temperatures to create an “everlasting torch”. At the same time, the underwater torch relay was completed by a robot, demonstrating the strength of China’s robot technology.In competition, scientific training methods and equipment have been developed to provide strong support for athletes to achieve excellent results.In terms of watching the Games, cloud broadcasting platform, VR watching, intelligent voice services and other technologies will be developed to improve the watching experience and create a “sense of technology and future” of the Winter Olympics.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was stunning.Huang Jing introduced that the opening ceremony comprehensive use of artificial intelligence, ultra high definition rendering, 5G, 8K and a series of high-tech, the perfect integration of these technologies and creativity, to create a grand grand and ethereal romantic an audio-visual feast, can be said to be “full of sense of science and technology”.In addition to the high and new technology used in the opening ceremony, through the key special science and technology Winter Olympics, but also the establishment of intelligent competition training venues, the development of high-performance clothing suitable for the physical characteristics of Chinese athletes and sports characteristics, improve the level of athletes participating in the games;In terms of safety, technical and equipment issues such as safety monitoring and early warning, sports health protection, and environmental risk assessment have been mainly addressed, focusing on the operation and maintenance of Olympic venues, equipment operation, food safety, medical security, epidemic prevention and control.”Science and technology the games is not just a word of mouth, but in all departments and local support, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities and the working on the research of the enterprise, in the work, the science and technology the concept of the games, the implementation of science and technology research and development projects, integrated application of our country for many years in the field of scientific and technological achievements, to provide better run competitions, participating and watching the science and technology support.”Zhu Xuehua said.The “Science and Technology Winter Olympics” will not only meet the major scientific and technological needs of the preparations for and participation in the Beijing Winter Olympics, but also play a positive role in the high-quality economic and social development in the post-Olympic era.On the one hand, more investment has been made in research and development of snow press, snow making machines, snowboards and skates, which has improved the independent research, development and supply capacity of snow and ice sports equipment, promoted the popularity of snow and ice sports and the development of snow and ice sports industry, and strongly supported “300 million people to participate in snow and ice sports”, Zhu said.On the other hand, the Demonstration application of new and high technologies such as 5G, hydrogen mobility, intelligent vehicle networking, and 100% clean electricity will be promoted in the Winter Olympics to promote the development of 5G communications, green mobility, and zero-emission energy supply.For example, the new PARADIGM of 5G network application created by the Beijing Winter Olympics not only made breakthroughs in key technologies of stable operation of equipment under conditions such as low temperature, strong wind, snow and ice, but also expanded several new models of 5G application, contributing to the development of 5G industry in the post-Olympic era.Xu Qiang, director of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, said the legacy of the 2008 Summer Olympics has been well used in Beijing as the first “double Olympic City”.A series of new technologies and products applied in the Winter Olympic Games are not only valuable assets for the Games, but also valuable assets for Beijing to promote scientific and technological innovation center and achieve high-quality development.In the post-Winter Olympics era, Beijing will continue to provide application scenarios for the achievements of the Winter Olympic Games in urban development, so that the scientific and technological achievements of the Winter Olympic Games will go from the Winter Olympic Games to the application field of urban development, and “fly into ordinary people’s homes”, which will also become a new driving force to promote the construction of Beijing as an international science and technology center and a scientific and technological power.Source: Science and Technology Daily Article images provided by 2022 Beijing Press Center unless otherwise indicated Editor: Zhang Shuang Review: Yue Liang final review: Wang Yu