New car under jiaozi, marketing play color, SAIC Volkswagen 2021 to hand over high marks

2022-05-09 0 By

To be frank, 2021 is not a “good year” for auto companies. Chip shortage, continuous epidemic, upstream raw material price rise, the transformation requirements of the new four modernizations, younger consumer groups with more diversified needs, and so on, each of them are severe challenges. And 2021 “sets” these challenges, the pressure of auto companies can be expected.2021 is coming to an end, and it’s time for auto companies to “hand in their papers”. Under the background of this year, many auto companies’ answers will not be very good, but it is just such a complex situation that shows how deep the internal work of enterprises is. From the current “answer papers” situation,Saic Volkswagen shows strong development toughness and deep foundation.In 2021, SAIC Volkswagen deserves a boost.Review this year, SAIC Volkswagen is really a little busy, not only solidified the original fuel car advantage, more rapid layout of pure electric vehicles, but also for luxury brands to do a good “start”, can be called a comprehensive attack.In terms of fuel vehicles, saic Volkswagen’s new Passat family, new Tiguan family, new Tuan family and skoda’s new Octavia Pro have all been refreshed in the year, and the key words of their refreshed are “younger” and “intelligent”.For example, the brand has adopted a new modeling language and interior design style, the overall become more fashionable and young;For example, the intelligent network connection configuration is increased or upgraded, and the overall intelligence level is significantly improved.In terms of pure electric vehicles, with the power of MEB platform, SAIC Volkswagen launched three ID models in a row within the year.The family of models, including ID.4x, ID.6x and ID.3, quickly established the Volkswagen brand ID.Series of product lineup, the fast action, the variety of products, so that the market for the shock;Moreover, after the launch of these three cars, the terminal market is heating up. From October to November, id. family has established the monthly sales mark of 7000+, and in December, it is 8000.In terms of luxury brands, SAIC Audi successfully launched audi A7L and Audi Q5 E-TRON this year, completing the initial layout of two segments of fuel and pure electric and filling the gap in the luxury car market. At present, the two models have been booked and will be formally delivered in 2022.Secondary yuan + three yuan, cross-border marketing play give prize in 2021, Shanghai Volkswagen’s new car is much, not only and each bring consumers to shine at the moment of feeling, and in order to cooperate with products play transformation completed, Shanghai Volkswagen in marketing is “released” self, cross-border marketing play a new height, the secondary yuan and three yuan “the gang”.In order to play with young consumers and arouse their “resonance of the same frequency”, SAIC Volkswagen entered weibo, Douyin, Xiaohongshu, B and other social media crowded with young people to “interact closely” with them in the way they like, and even played a big trick of “everything can cross boundaries”.Young people love to play King of Glory, SAIC Volkswagen on the KPL King of Glory professional league platform to promote the Chinese name of Tukai, in the fans voted the chief virtual fashion game officer “Kai”, also carried out the first electronic competition to drive black car sticker design competition;Young people love variety shows, so the new Passat family teamed up with the most popular program “You Can say” and invited four debaters from “You Can say” to open an online debate in the listing studio of the new Passat family in the name of “WHO Pa WHO”, vividly interpreting the new value proposition of “two attitudes, one world”.Young people love the second yuan, SAIC Volkswagen let ID. Family cooperate with the popular characters of Pokemon, adorable young hipsters;Also hand in hand with Shanghai art film studio to create a “immortal combination”, in different circles crazy circle powder.There are also many fairy sisters and bands that young people like. Id.4x has invited Fairy sister Liu Yifei to be the spokesperson, so that The Mandarin band will support the audience for many times, so that every young person can find their love in saic Volkswagen’s cross-border marketing.Under a series of actions this year, SAIC Volkswagen has gained a lot, with obvious results in electrification, high-end and younger directions, among which ID.The family market potential is constantly released, saic Audi is highly anticipated, the post-90s users account for more than 30%, leading the industry average level.Saic Volkswagen’s 2021 results are absolutely excellent and worthy of a small red flower.