An international innovation center will be set up in the airport area of Daxing Airport to empower international enterprises

2022-05-09 0 By

On January 28, the reporter learned from the Airport economic zone of Beijing Daxing International Airport that the international innovation center has been set up in the area to build a new name card of the capital’s international exchanges and provide a new platform for international enterprises to communicate.Now we provide joint construction services for global bidding operation partners and ecological content partners, helping foreign enterprises to “enter” smoothly and domestic enterprises to “go out” smoothly.It is reported that the first phase of the international Innovation Center covers an area of about 4,000 square meters, including public exhibition center, theme innovation center, theme innovation Center overseas talent innovation Park, etc., which is divided into three service platforms: exhibition platform, international communication promotion platform and innovation incubation platform.The center attracts foreign enterprises to settle down by providing a platform for investment promotion.The center has an intelligent exhibition hall, a roadshow platform and a shared conference room for foreign enterprises to organize regular exhibitions and build a communication bridge between foreign enterprises and Chinese enterprises to promote win-win outcomes.Airport zone will also open application scenarios, regularly release “innovation list” to provide orders for enterprises;Relying on industrial ecological partners of airport zone, laying “channel network” for foreign enterprises.In addition, through the whole process of services, to provide more intimate protection.The International Innovation Center builds a service platform for foreign investment, providing english-only “one-stop” enterprise services, including representative office establishment, foreign investment registration, foreign work visa, foreign housekeeping, even translation, printing and other business services.The center will complete online and offline shared office work for foreign enterprises through efficient cloud services.Build foreign community, create a “kind of overseas” ecological environment, regularly organize a series of theme IP activities such as private board meeting, business salon, vocational training, etc., to form an industrial cluster of foreign enterprises in the airport zone.It is worth mentioning that airport zone provides financing docking service for foreign enterprises, and helps foreign enterprises to develop smoothly in China by linking capital parties with foreign capital.At present, The zone gives full play to the guiding role of funds, and has established a parent fund of 50 billion yuan and reached cooperative relations with 100 industrial funds.The relevant official said that the global non-government representative offices in China, international intermediary, chamber of commerce and service trade enterprises are welcome to settle in the international Innovation Center.(Source: Science and Technology Daily)