Dunhuang: the cold situation of the severe winter is not reduced

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This network news (correspondent Li Mengru) in Dunhuang City, Gansu Province, more disputes can be resolved through non-litigation mechanism, more people with lower cost, faster speed to resolve the contradiction.What plays a key role in this is the “one-stop” mediation mechanism that covers the whole city. This “net” is becoming more and more dense, and more and more conflicts and disputes are “swept up in one net”, resolving them out of litigation and eliminating them at the beginning.Good “first road screen” to build conflicts and disputes prevention and resolve complex “excuse me the mayor in which house, we want to find him to reason.”On the morning of November 2, 2021, several people came to The Yueya Spring Judicial Institute in Dunhuang City in a menacing manner. One of them, a young mother holding her child, said unpolitely.”Call me if you have a problem. If I can’t solve it, it’s not too late to call the mayor.”Director of the justice institute jiao Jun and a line of six people arranged to Shen Xinjun personal mediation studio.Then I found out what had happened.The old woman’s leg is not good, her husband is deaf and mute, the resettlement house after the demolition of the old house was run in his name by his brother-in-law, brother-in-law promised that the new house, water, electricity and heating and other expenses he covered, the result is November, but also did not pay the heating fee.A telling down, see Shen Xinjun in sincere help to solve the problem, and promised to give a statement, the party left at ease.As soon as the party left, Shen Xinjun contacted the old man’s brother through the village cadres, and let him come over the next day to talk about what was going on.”Certainly can’t only listen to one side of the story, and this kind of thing can’t be delayed, more than three days the parties don’t trust us.”Finally, through his patient mediation, his brother-in-law timely handed over the heating fee, the conflict was successfully resolved.It is not shen Xinjun, but a set of “great mediation” mechanism and a social governance concept of “harmony is the most precious” that basically keeps the contradictions in Yueyaquan town.People who have disputes can first report them to the mediation committee of each village, and if they cannot solve them, they can go to the mediation committee of the town.Now, under the mediation committee of Yueya Spring town, Shen Xinjun’s personal mediation studio performs mediation duties under the guidance of the Institute of Justice.In Yueyaquan town, in addition to full-time mediators, the baocun cadres, comprehensive governance, police stations, social governance centers, women’s federations and other departments and town and street legal advisers are involved in the mediation and responsibility related work, in addition to full-time legal advisers year-round on duty, to participate in mediation, to ensure that the mediation work to the law as the standard, do not go astray.”When people come here, they no longer have to run here and there. They can find answers here and solve disputes in one stop.”Comprehensive service center director of the office of social governance Zhang Jibin said, dunhuang city service center of social governance committees and investigation committees will community grid, the people’s livelihood hotline, lawyer of judicial mediation, administrative mediation, conciliation, arbitration mediation functions such as organic integration, establish the source and to help solve, information distribution, professional mediation to resolve crucial four specialized operation mechanism, major contradiction.We will innovate and establish a working mechanism for joint investigation and coordination.Unified acceptance of all kinds of contradictions and disputes, according to the nature of specific contradictions and disputes, strictly rely on the work responsibilities of the main mediation units.To strengthen people’s mediation, earnestly learn from Fengqiao’s experience and innovate the “Pan Hong Personal Mediation Room”. For the cases accepted by the Municipal Conflict and dispute Mediation Center, the first step is to intervene and organize mediators, industrial mediation organizations, lawyers and other forces to conduct on-site mediation and settlement;To do actual mediation of letters and visits, change the previous work concept of “only handing in but not handling”, lead and organize the handling units of letters and visits and the parties concerned to give priority to mediation to solve the problems of letters and visits;Pre-litigation mediation should be carried out, and a pre-litigation mediation mechanism should be established to guide the litigants to conduct pre-litigation mediation in cases with clear facts, minor disputes and clear rights and obligations through the mode of “mediation + judicial confirmation”.We will conduct detailed judicial mediation.To coordinate the permanent residence of the municipal Contradiction and Dispute Mediation Center of the public security Department, focus on on-site mediation and reply to the conflicts and disputes involving law and litigation in letters and visits, and promote the working methods of invitation mediation and entrusted mediation, so as to improve the settlement rate of mediation.A three-level mediation network at town, village (community) and organization level has been established to help resolve disputes at the community level.Fully extend the work tentacle. effectively make use of the advantages of grass-roots forces at the front line and close to the masses, take the investigation and resolution of conflicts and disputes as the key responsibility of grid management, establish and introduce 6 systems, such as stable-related information report, social situation and public opinion interview, investigation and resolution of social conflicts and disputes, and detail 820 grid responsibility areas.Normalized organization 3300 mtcsol grid, 310 public security householder and village (community) walk thousands of officers, into thousands of households, farmers into town schiscosomiasis, community, factories and mines enterprises step by step to carry out the trawl, carpet, timely disposition of grid in all kinds of disputes and a harmonious, stable hidden trouble, do concerns advanced screening, nip in the bud.At present, Dunhuang city has built 1 city-level “one-stop” mediation center for conflicts and disputes, 9 town-level centers, 66 village-level (community-level) mediation teams, and 464 mediation teams, realizing “one-stop reception, integrated circulation, package solution and one-stop service” for people’s demands.Last year, the village (community) mediation organization of Dunhuang city completed the general election and selected the best mediator team, further upgrading the “one-stop” mediation center for conflicts and disputes.In 2021, mediation organizations at all levels in Dunhuang city mediated more than 1,900 conflicts and disputes, with a success rate of over 98% and an amount of more than 10 million yuan involved. The litigation rate of all kinds of cases decreased significantly, and the total litigation volume decreased significantly.(Dunhuang Justice Bureau) Source: Justice Department of Gansu Province