Step auspicious snow cloth good weather, driving xiangyun I wish peace and prosperity

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On the occasion of the 2022 New Year, the triennial celebration of “100 sons and old dragons” was held in Nonglin Village, Xihu Town, Tongling City, Anhui Province.Shi Guoyan, president of the Buddhist Association of The city, burned incense, chanted sutras and prayed for blessings, and celebrated the old dragon in a peaceful sound.Agriculture and forestry village “100 children old long” originated in the qing Dynasty guangxu seven winter, inheritance has been more than 130 years.Because it was a leap of July, there are 13 months in the year (lunar calendar), so the dragon lantern was designated as 13 boards.Winter lanterns, the second year of the lantern dance, every three years to three years to stop dancing.Auspicious to the old artist Bao Kuan Hai and dragon dance association players please out of the awe-looking “100 sons of the old dragon”.People cheered, pious prayer, pray for good weather, good harvest;Seek happiness and well-being, national transport changlong.Temple is the dragon dance to a climax, the old dragon was invited out to Fuhai Temple.Every door opened to greet them wherever they passed.Old Dragon had three ups and four downs at every house.Look up like the moon, bow like dragon into the sea.Send a pair of candles, send birthday candles, send dragon beard, meet the family has an old man, can send four pairs of candles.When running lights, if someone else does not receive the dragon, they will set off firecrackers to show respect to the old dragon.On the way to encounter temples, lamps and faucets to nod faux pas, when necessary to set off firecrackers, incense candles and so on.The “hundred sons and old dragons” in Rural Village have been successfully declared as municipal Intangible Cultural Heritage.People take the opportunity of dragon lantern dance to show the style and long cultural history of new Agriculture and forestry village.I wish agriculture and forestry villages better and better every year.