Abusive article: she loves him for five years, humbly marries him, the wedding night sends her to mental hospital however

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Book fans have kept you waiting.Many of my friends have fallen into the dilemma of book shortage.No books to see, some books can not go down and waste time, this xiaobian is also the same sympathy for everyone, so xiaobian carefully arranged a few novels, absolutely let everyone see enough!I want you to watch it without sleeping!Without further ado, we’re on our way.Drought # # book small make up recommend a few novel strong: abuse: she has a crush on him for 5 years and humble to marry him, wedding night is to send her to a mental hospital first: “years less than his cool thin” author: nine deer wine introduction: she loves him for five years, with the most humble means to marry him, but his hand will on their wedding night to send her to a mental hospital.Two years later he released her, but forced her to divorce and marry his first love.She finally saved enough disappointment ready to leave, he was crazy general trapped her, she gave birth to his children…She had a crush on him for five years, humbly married him, but on their wedding night she was sent to a mental hospital the next second, he picked her up around the waist, threw her on the big bed, and then pressed her under the body.Her instinctive resistance, but the more she rebelled against the more inspired Ye Yan’s desire to conquer, and finally she really had no strength, can only lie in bed to do whatever he wants.Ye Yanzhi pulled off her clothes, removed her pants, the movement is extremely skilled.Tang Sijiu wanted to tell him that she was pregnant, but on second thought, if Ye Yan now know, will immediately take her to the hospital to shed the child, that she destroy tomorrow’s wedding plan will not be completed.She could only clench her teeth and bear the torture of Ye Yan Zhi. For fear of any accident to the child, she subconsciously cooperated with Ye Yan Zhi and wanted to make his action not too rude.But Ye Yan zhi is still rude, without any foreplay, living and breathing into tang Sijiu’s body, Tang Sijiu wanted to scream in pain, but firmly bite the lower lip, the tears swallowed back, silently enduring his almost brutal impact, and finally she lay under him hum and haw sobbing.Looking at her this way, Ye Yan laugh charm, “Tang Sijiu, a month not to see, you are more and more will pretend to be poor seduce a man!”But gradually, he found something was wrong. Tang Sijiu was sweating profusely, his face was horribly pale, and the air seemed to be filled with a smell of blood.Frowning slightly, he got up from Her body, reached under her, and found that it was not white liquid, but scarlet blood!Ye Yan of sudden panic, hurriedly got up with the fastest speed to get dressed, holding Tang Si nine rushed to the hospital.When the doctor told him that Tang Sijiu was pregnant, he froze in place. For the first time, he felt that he was too unimportant. If he had known she was pregnant, he would not have been so rude…Second book: Diamond President:Alone love can love wife author: years Taiwan introduction: grass root girl Zhang Rong Rong hair dream also can’t think of, oneself life lowest trough of time, encounter all girl dream of diamond male more can’t think of is, this dream is like diamond male incredibly deep to her affection matchless all come too suddenly Zhang Rong rong confused, give what situation??Priority: Zhen Jian Cheng, how could you leave me in such a gorgeous lair?She wanted to run away at once, or there was a hole in the ground to jump into and hide.But can you escape in this situation?She tugged nervously at the gift bag and looked down at her toes.Zhen Longyan, Zhen jiancheng’s grandfather, was the first to speak. Although he was in his late years, he was still in fine spirits and spoke with a kind of seriousness.Rong-rong zhang.Well!”He nodded to the objects she was carrying. “What are these?”At least someone talked to her, embarrassed nervous light some, hurriedly put up the courage to hand over the thing said: “this is my choice for grandpa and uncle gift.”.Zhen jiancheng glanced at the thing, and before he spoke, the housekeeper came up to take the gift bag.He raised his hand to stop the housekeeper, and took the gift on his own initiative. He looked it over and said with a smile, “It’s tea. It’s thoughtful.Relieved, it seems that grandpa still like his gift, smile said: “Thank you!I am worried about what you like. I wish you could like it.”Encouraged, Zhang Rongrong gave zhen Jiancheng’s father another gift: “This is the four treasures of the study for my uncle. I don’t know what my uncle likes, so I chose it according to what my father likes. I hope you can like it.”Introduction: At the end of her life, she says to him, “I will not suffer from you any more. If you still don’t let me go, you can find me in the underworld.”The body is falling, the people behind are trying to save.His eyes hurt and his teeth ground. “In this life or the next first: he finally agreed to the exchange.But there is a requirement, in exchange for that day, she must first apologize to Lin Xiaoxiao.Early in the morning, Ning years got up early to dress herself, she found a silk long sleeve jacket, with a long skirt.It was summer now, and it was hot, and it was strange for her to dress like that, but she didn’t care what people thought of her if she didn’t dress like that.Go to the hospital, before entering the ward, she first confirmed with Fang Zhihui: “are you ready for the contract and agreement?And the key to Yiyang’s brother’s apartment.”Fang zhihui these days some haggard, eyes are also indifferent and complex, heard her words, just sneer irony: “you think I like you despicable shameless, will only play to depend on?”Ning years nodded, also did not explain, “that is good!”He went into the ward.The doctor suddenly stopped her and said in a low voice, “Madam, Miss Lin is not in a stable mood. You might get hurt if you go in there. Why don’t you wait?”Ning Years but indifferent to say: “no, and so on today are noon, procedures can not be done.”Look at her that pair of impatient want to divorce appearance, fang Zhi Hui cold voice: “let her go in, is dead is alive, who also don’t block!”The doctor finally had no choice but to release ning years, ning years in.The doctor and fang Zhihui also do not trust to follow in.(Click below to read for free.) Any of these novels, some of them classics, will keep you hooked for minutes.If you have a better novel recommendation, be sure to share it with xiaobian, or leave a message to me. I’m looking forward to your recommendation.It was said that he was cold and merciless, and only she knew that he was a cold demon!Army marriage: she heartless heartless extremely can lift up, she is not the goddess of vengeance, but like to play with people!Ancient words disease charming article: he is the seventh emperor of the great sheng dynasty, until he saw her, possessive crazy military marriage: he is a demon warlord, he insulted her in every way, because she looks like his first love