A few decades ago, there was no milk powder and milk. How did the baby survive?

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A few decades ago, Chinese residents were still living without enough food and clothing, and there was no way to compare their living standards to today’s.A few decades ago, newborns were primarily breastfed.If there is not enough breast milk, the baby will cry every day and suffer from severe malnutrition.At that time, a family basically only one person to work, every month can earn dozens of yuan, few earn 100 yuan.Most women stay home to take care of their children, and there aren’t that many jobs for women to go to work.At that time, family planning had not been carried out, and families had many children. It was normal for a family to have four or five or six children, and some families had seven or eight children.A child is born every two or three years, so women are also very busy at home. They have to cook three meals a day and sew for the whole family. Even if they don’t work, it is not easy.If the mother’s milk is not enough to eat, it can only feed the child rice porridge and rice soup, there is really no other better food for the child to eat.Decades ago, when women were in confinement, they only had a few simple foods. People in the 1960s and 1970s should remember that food was provided uniformly by the state. There was no market, only supply and marketing cooperatives, and food was rationed every month according to the registered population.When a woman is in confinement, she can eat only a few foods: eggs, millet, brown sugar, rice and white flour, which are scarce and can not be eaten several times a month. Meat is a luxury item that can not be eaten several times a year.My mother is more than 80 years old this year, a lifetime of five children, when I was a child, often listen to my mother said: which child, sitting month eat how many eggs, a month can eat hundreds of eggs even if it is very good.When relatives, friends or neighbors have a baby, the gifts they can bring with them are basically the same things: eggs, brown sugar and millet.Decades ago, most of the children’s nutritional supply is inadequate, recalling that era, full of sadness.I remember when I was a child, the outer sides of both thighs were numb for years.At that time do not understand, now know is calcium deficiency.When I was in high school, I left the dorms.Every day is to eat coarse grain, not corn cake, is big ballasts, three days to eat a fine grain: white bread or rice.In high school, the age has been 16-18 years old, most of the students are after the second year of high school began to grow, some even three years long, completely unlike today’s children, 12 or 13 years old began to grow.With the improvement of living standards, the height of children now is more and more obviously higher than the children of the past era, unlike our children after the 1960s and 1970s, the head is not high.