How does history record the Ming Dynasty qi Yang King Li Wenzhong?

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Li Wenzhong’s life is told in the History of Ming dynasty.The Ming History is 332 volumes, of which 220 are biographies. The life of Li Wenzhong is recorded in volume 126, biographies 14.Li Wenzhong, word Si Ben, xiao Zi Bao, xuyi, taizu sister also.At twelve years old, her mother died, and her father turned away from her.More than two years is ye Tai Zu chuyang.When Emperor Taizu saw Bao son, he was overjoyed.Reading is a dull wit.Nineteen years, to give people will pro army, from aid Chizhou, break the day army, valiant crown will.Do not attack Qingyang, Shidai, Taiping and Jingde.Defeated yuan court sentenced a lu Grey in ten thousand years street, defeated miao army in The Qian, Changhua.They attacked Chun ‘an, attacked Marshal Hong at night, and surrendered more than a thousand of them.Find deng Yu, Hu Dahai’s division, take Jiande, as Yan Zhou prefecture, defend it.Miao Shuai Yang Wan to Miao, liao tens of thousands of land and water elections.Wen Zhong will break his army, take the Philippines head, float on a giant raft.The water army sees also dun.The end of the repeat offense, and Deng hit it more.Into the Pujiang river, ban burning plunder, show grace letter.Zheng shunned his troops in the valley, summoned them back, and defended them with soldiers.The yue people.The end of the death, its officers begging, fu, get more than thirty thousand people.And huda altitude zhuji.Zhang Shicheng kou Yanzhou, royal east gate, so that don’t will be out of the small north gate, after the attack, flanking the big break.More than a month, to attack, and break the big wave beach, a gram of water.Shi Cheng sent his generals to sanxi, defeated them, beheaded Marshal Lu, and burned their bases.Shi Cheng is afraid to peep yan Zhou.He serves in the Council under Active military planning.Hu Dahai li Mingdao, Wang Haner, sent wenzhong, interpretation and ritual of the recruitment of Jianchang garrison Wang Pu.The thin down.Miao led Jiang Ying and Liu Zhen to kill Dahai and accuse Jinhua of treason.Wen Zhong dispatched will strike away, the pro-fu set its crowd.Chuzhou Miao army also killed Geng Zaicheng.Wen Zhong sent generals to Jinyun in order to map it.Thanks to Zuo Cheng of East Zhejiang Province, the general strict system, qu, xin, the whole military.Wu soldiers 100 thousand square rushed to attack zhuquan, guard Xie Zaixing ran out of steam, sent to help hu Deji.Again xing fu yi bing please, wenzhong bing less should be.Taizu will make Shao Rong in the state of chaos, Wen Zhong is threatened Xu Youcheng, Shao Pingzhang will army engrave.Wu jun heard the fear, to escape night.In the middle of the night, Deji and Zaixing shuai opened the door and attacked.Next year, Zaixing defected to Wu and wu troops invaded Dongyang.Wen Zhong and Hu Shen fight in Yiwu, will be a thousand horse transverse attack its array, a crushing defeat.Already, on the floor of the whole fifty miles to build a city.Shi Cheng sent Stu Li Bo sheng with 16 people to attack, no.Over the years, he attacked the new city with 20 people.Wenzhong shuai Zhu Liangzu chi rescue, ten miles to the new city and army.Deji made it advisable to stay short of the army when the thief was in full force.Wen Zhong said, “The army is not in the army.”He gave the order: “The pride of the crowd, I am small but sharp, with sharp encounter pride, will be gram.His army is loaded with mountains, and the day is rich with you cao.Mian.”There will be white qi coming from the northeast to cover the army, and it will be said that it will “win”.Wen Zhong gathered the generals and swore to heaven: “The country’s affairs are at this moment, Wen Zhong dare not love the three armies after death.”Marshal Xu Daxing, Tang Keming and others will be left, Yan De, Wang De and others will be right, and since the middle army as the enemy.Will be in state reinforcements also to, courageously before fighting.Fog slightly open, Wen Zhong traverse ahead of lead tieqi dozens, by high chi, blunt its backbone.The enemy encircled Wen Zhong with a number of fine horses.Wen Zhong killed a lot of people and galloped away, beating all before him.The army took them, and the soldiers in the city raised their voices, and the enemy was routed.By tens of miles north, decapitation tens of thousands of levels, streams are red, get six hundred, jiashi three thousand, armoring cud millet harvest days endless, bo sheng only to body avoid.Jie wen, Tai Zu exulted, called back, banquet Lao Mi day, give royal clothes name horse, send back town.The next autumn, the army attacked Wu and ordered hangzhou to be held in check.Wen Zhong, Liang Zu and other generals captured Tonglu, Xincheng and Fuyang and then attacked Yuhang.Xie Wu, a general guarding the army, sent his message to his brother, promising that he would not die.The fifth and the fifth again xingzi went down.All will please 僇, Wen Zhong not.Then he hurried to Hangzhou, where the garrison general Pan Yuanming also surrendered and marched in.Yuan and Ming welcomed him with their women and set out to meet him.Camp at qiao Li, order yue: “Enter the residence dead.”One of the men borrows the cauldron and is killed in partial portions;Thirty thousand men, two hundred thousand grain.Add rong Lu doctor, Zhejiang province flat chapter matter, compound surname Li.When the army invaded Fujian, Wen Zhong led the army to Pucheng to force it.Division also, more than Kou Jin Zilong gang depredation, Wenzhong answer to capture, then set the construction, Yan, Ting three states.The adoption of abandoned children in the army does not count.Hongwu two years of spring, in order to partial general from the right deputy general Chang Yuchun plug, thin on all, yuan Emperor, language with “Yu Chun Chuan”.In chunzu, ordered Wenzhong to take its army on behalf of the general Xu Da in the ediction to attack Qingyang.When I went to Taiyuan, I heard Datong Wai was urgent, and Said to Zuo Cheng, Zhao Yong said, “I came here when I was ordered to help the country.Datong is in urgent need of help.”Hence out of the wild goose gate, ma Yi, defeated yuan swim soldiers, capture ping Chapter Liu Tiemu, into the poplar gate.It was raining and snowing. Wen Zhong ordered them to move five miles ahead to prevent water from becoming solid.Yuan soldiers attacked at night, but Wen Zhong stood firm.Quality is the enemy’s greatest strength.Led by the second battalion, they fought a desperate battle to exhaust the enemy’s exhaustion. They attacked him left and right, defeated him, captured And beheaded More than ten thousand others, and chased him back to Mang Gecang.Next year he will be inducted as vice General.He separated from the general and marched north with 100,000 men out of Yehu Ridge to Xinghe, where he surrendered his general.Enter the chahan brain, capture flat Zhang Zhuzhen.Second camel Hill, go pingzhang Shapating.Times open flat, flat down on the chapter are rare.When the Yuan emperor collapsed, prince love you know in the new la.Wen Zhong zhi zhi, cheng Ying Chang.When Prince Yuan went north, he acquired the libala and his concubine concubines, hundreds of princes and officials, fifteen jade seals and jinbao, two jade albums, one zhengui, one dagui, one jade belt and one jade axe, which were bought by his elder son.Out of the demon horse chase to north Gyeongju and return.Dao Xingzhou and jiang Wenqing, duke of the state, were reduced by 37,000.When they reached Hongluo Mountain, they sent more than 6,000 of Yang’s men to the army.Offer jieshi, emperor imperial Fengtian gate by congratulation.Big fengchen, wenzhong gonggong, grant the founding of the auxiliary yunchuancheng Xuanliwuchen, especially into ronglu doctor, right column, the governor-general’s house left, cao Guogong, tongzhi army state, food lu three thousand stone, to the world voucher.Four years in autumn, Fu Youde and other flat Shu, wen Zhong was wounded from it.Build chengdu new city, garrison the key counties, but also.Next year to the left deputy general from the east north zheng, out of yong, hasten and Lin, to the mouth temperature, Yuan dun.Into the lu Qu river, so that the ministry of Logistics, such as Han Zheng, from the commander army, people preformance 20 days of grain, rushed to the soil qu river.Harazzhang, the barbarian son of the Yuan Emperor, crossed the river and rode his horses to wait for him.Wen Zhong led his army thin, but the enemy was slightly defeated.At aruhun River, the enemy comes and benefits all.Wenzhong horse in the arrow, dismounted holding short combat.Commanding Li Rong by the horse awarded wen loyalty, and captured the enemy horse ride.Wen Zhong won a horse, fought to the death, defeated the enemy, captured tens of thousands.Ran to say the sea, the enemy soldiers complex.Wen Zhong collected his troops according to the risk, and made sacrifices to his men with his oxen.Suspected enemy, lead him away slightly.Wen Zhong also cited, lost track.He was in need of water and thirsty. He prayed to heaven.They galloped to the ground, and the springs gushed out, and the three armies gave them as sacrifices.Hence also.In the battle, the two armies won and lost, but Cao Liangchen, the marquis of Xuanning, commanded Zhou Xian, Chang Rong and Zhang Yao to die in battle.Six years trip to Peiping, mountain west, defeated in the triangle village.The seven-year contingent will split up.To Sanbulachuan, captured Ping Zhang Chen An-li.To Shun ning, Yang Men, cut the pearl donkey.To white don, capture commander do not spend.The autumn shuai division attack daning, Gaozhou, grams, king of the decaption of the loss of blossoming, capture the imperial family slaves.Chased to felt hat mountain, beheaded king Lu, won its concubine and si Tu answer the sea, etc..Into the fengzhou division, captured yuan guguan twelve people, horse camel cattle and sheep many, hot pursuit to 100 dry son is also.Is after repeatedly out of the standby side.Ten years of life and The South Korean public Li Shan Chang discussed the military heavy matter.Twelve years, Tao Zhou 18 family rebelled, and Xiping Marquis Mu Ying allied troops to fight for peace, built the city of Donglong Mountain nanchuan, tao Zhou wei.He also said that the water and alkali brine in xi ‘an city should not be drunk, so please dig the longshou canal into the city to drain from it.Also in charge of the imperial Palace and the imperial college.Literary loyalty is heavy and great, and people are unpredictable.Strong enough to ring with the strong suit of strong enemies.Quite good knowledge, often teacher Jinhua Fan Zugan, Hu Han, familiar with the righteousness, for poetry handsome jun.At the beginning, Emperor Taizu decided to pay for the prosperity of the army. Instead, he increased the lease of the land for the people. Wen Zhong asked for a reduction.Its interpretation of the soldiers home, Xun Xun if Confucian, the emperor ya love heavy.Home so many guests, taste to guest words, advised the emperor less slaughter, and admonish emperor zheng Japan, and the official too sheng, not the son of Heaven is not close to the punishment of people.It is not easy to condemn a plot.He got sick in the winter of sixteen years.The emperor personally visited, so that Huaian Hou Hua in the medical care.He died in March of next year at the age of 46.Emperor suspected of poisoning, demoted in jus, put its home belongs to Jianchang wei, all doctors and his wife are cut.Pro wen zhi sacrifice, after qi Yang King, shi Wu Jing.Enjoy taimiao, portrait temple, the third.Fu Zhen former pawn, presented to the King of Longxi, posthumous dedication.Wenzhong three sons, long Jinglong, secondary zengzhi, Fang Ying, are all given names by the emperor.Add branch at the beginning of decorated wei, zhuojun left commander.Fang Ying official to the middle are staying behind.Jinglong, jiujiang in small characters.Reading through allusions.Long body, thin and beautiful eyes, look great.Every dynasty, jin Zhirong very, the number of Taizu.Nineteen years attack jue, repeatedly out of practice army Huguang, Shaanxi, Henan, masipan city.Into the left army governor’s house, plus taifu prince.Jianwen emperor ascended to the throne, Jinglong to the heart see pro ren, taste was ordered to zhou wang 橚.And Yan Bing qi, Changxing Hou Geng Bingwen yan defeat, Qi Tai, Huang Zicheng and other recommended Jing Long.He took Jinglong, instead of Bingwen, as general, and ordered 500,000 troops in the northern expedition.Grant tongtian Xi belt, emperor pro for wheel, preserves of the River Margin, make all cheap.Jinglong your childe, I do not know the soldiers, but self-esteem, all will be more unhappy not to use.Jinglong galloped to Dezhou, where he would camp in the river.Hearing this, the King of Yan said to his generals, “Li Jiujiang is foppish and foppish.So he ordered the prince to stay and refrain from going to battle. Instead, he led his troops to yongping and headed for Daning.Hearing this, Jing Long entered And besieged Peiping.Governor Qu Neng attacked Zhangye gate and broke it.Jinglong bogey can work, stop.And Yan division broke Daning, but also hit Jinglong.Jinglong repeatedly defeated, ran to Dezhou, all the troops were defeated.In the first month of next year, King Yan attacked Datong, but Jing Long led his troops out of Zijingguan to rescue him.Emperor jing Long power is light, dispatch officer wu Xi book give huang gongye arrow, special assault.Party crossing the river, the storm boat bad, give things lost, but more system to give.In April, Jinglong big oath in Dezhou, will be wuding Hou Guo Ying, Anlu Hou Wu Jie is equal to zhending, combined with six hundred thousand troops, into the camp of baigou River.Yan army and successive battles, heavy defeat, xishu axe axe were abandoned, dezhou, go back to Ji ‘nan.Si servitude also, wang division dead hundreds of thousands of people, the Southern army was not supported, emperor Jinglong also zhao.Huang Zicheng feel angry, jinglong in the class, please punish to thank the world.Yan division crossed the river, the emperor was very, Fang Xiaoru answered jinglong.The emperor asks no questions.Jing Long and shang Shu ru 瑺, governor Wang Zuo such as Yan jun, please cede and.Jinchuan Gate, Jinglong and grain of Yenbing Town open the doors.Yan king is the throne, grant Jinglong feng Tianfuyun Chuancheng Xuanliwu Chen, special into the light lu doctor, Zuo Zhu country, zengshi Lu Thousand stone.There was an important event in the imperial court, and Jing Long discussed it with the head of the class.Yongle two years, the King of Zhou sent its jianwen to the house by money, the Ministry of Criminal Justice Zhengci also impeach Jinglong hidden evil, storage and fugitive, for wrongdoing.Don’t ask a letter.Already, into the state zhu Neng, the Ministry of Civil Affairs shang Jian Yi and wenwu gunchen, ting impeach Jinglong and brother zengzhi disobedience have shape, six branches to zhang Xin complex impeach.Zhao cut hun number, must please, to the public to the first, long princess qi.Why did he die? Li Zhigang, the official of the Ministry of Rites, replied: “Jing Long is at home.Add branches more than zhuangtian, reserve servants without fear thousands, intentions intentions.”So seize Jinglong, and zengzhi and his wife dozens of people, no property.Jinglong taste hunger strike day die, to the end of yongle is pawn.Orthodox 13 years under the rescript to increase branches, such as kai family, have.At the beginning of Hongzhi, after recording Wenzhong, jinglong great-sun Xuan for nanjing Jinyi Who command.Pawn, son lian heir.Pawn, son of heir.Jiajing eleven year zhao feng linhuai Hou, Lu Qianshi.More than years of death, no son, answer to lian Di Yi Shao seal.Pawn, zi Ting bamboo heir.Lidian military mansion, governor Cao Jiang, pei Ping pretty general seal, huguang town.Zu, son yan gong heir.Garrison Nanjing, into the governor Beijing camp, accumulated less bao.Yan Gong, the word Weiyin, studious poetry, folding section cold.Zizong city, less famous for literature.In wanli, when the Japanese invaded Korea, Shi Xingzhu, minister of the Military Department, conferred tribute, recommended Zong Chengcai, appointed the chief commissioner, zheng zheng, holding the section to command Yang Fangheng deputy.Living in the city to Korea Busan, Japan to yizhong, road book, and the words of the king.In fear of living in the city, he turned into a fugitive.Fang Heng crossed the sea and was humiliated by Japan.In the city of the prison shu, to his son state town heir hou.Ming dynasty, Jue jue.