From 1-0 to 2-0!Japan was killed three times by the National football team!Li Xiaopeng main wings fly together, Wu Lei substitute effect

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Beijing time on January 25, the distance from the world preliminary round of 12 strong match of the National football team is close at hand, the opponent for the Japanese men’s football team.The result could be crucial as it could determine whether The Chinese men’s national team can keep its hopes of qualifying for the World Cup alive.At the same time, it will prove that Li Xiaopeng and Li Tie, who in the end is more outstanding in teaching ability.Because at this stage Li Xiaopeng can send the starting lineup, the basic and Li Tie coaching period is the same.Luo Guofu now accumulates two yellow cards, cannot appear in the match in the war between China and Japan, fernando is because of the family has something to miss the national team again, Aiksen is infected with the new coronavirus but is absent.So li Xiaopeng left only Alan and Jiang Guangtai naturalized players, which with Li Tie against Japan in the first round sent naturalized players number is basically the same.In this case, Li Xiaopeng will use his special skills to fight with the Japanese men’s football team to the end.As is known to all, Li Xiaopeng’s best tactic is to fly with two wings together, and the Japanese players are short in stature, so aerial bombardment is the best choice.There was no point in starting Wu Lei, who was effective as a second-half substitute.After all, Wu Lei’s characteristics are forward penetration, in the ability of heading and crossing ability, the National team has more outstanding players than him.In the second half of the Japanese team physical fitness decline, and then wu Lei substitution may be able to play the Japanese team a surprise.And Alan even if the state can not be in the best, Li Xiaopeng will arrange his debut.Because Alan in the game will certainly be the focus of the Japanese players marking, then the effect of the two wings can come out.Before passing the ball from the two sides, Alan can move the opposition defence, with tall strikers like Zhang Yuning waiting to get in front of the ball.Reviewing the historical record of Chinese men’s football team and Japanese men’s football team, the National football team completely crushed Japan in the 1990s of the last century.They beat Japan 1-0 in a World Cup qualifier in ’82, 1-0 in the’ 90 Denners Cup and 2-0 in a friendly in ’98.From 1-0 to 2-0, Japan was thrashed by the Chinese team.That this time Li Xiaopeng can break the 21st century record, complete the four kills against Japan, please wait and see.