Zhang Facheng, district leader, presided over the 2022 agricultural Park key work promotion meeting

2022-04-26 0 By

On the morning of February 9, Zhang Facheng, director of the Administrative Committee of the Agricultural Park, presided over the promotion meeting of the key work of the 2022 Agricultural Park, conveying the spirit of the activity of “ten thousand people helping ten thousand Enterprises” and the mobilization meeting of the breakthrough Year of industrial projects and Investment promotion, and arranging the key work in the near future.Major leaders of all departments in the park attended the meeting.Zhang facheng stressed, first, to strengthen learning.Understand the spirit of superior documents, learn to master the trend of agricultural development and industry characteristics, around the strengths of the district precision force, run high-quality investment acceleration.Second, we need to innovate ideas.We will think out of the box, innovate new ideas for agricultural development, and actively explore new industries and new forms of business such as carbon sequestration in agriculture and integration of industry and agriculture.We will make every effort to promote the development of the agricultural industry, improve our capacity for innovation in agricultural science and technology, and encourage agriculture through industry, so as to create a new pattern of mutually reinforcing and coordinated development between industry and agriculture.Third, we need to strengthen guarantees.We will ensure the supply of important agricultural products, and ensure that people have rice bags, vegetable baskets, and fruit plates.We will continue to promote the “simultaneous treatment of four rivers” and the control of agricultural non-point source pollution, strengthen the improvement of rural living environment, and constantly improve the ecological environment of the whole region to serve urban construction and industrial development.