Les Miserables: A book of epic proportions

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Countryside night, the most suitable for reading, without the hustle and bustle of the city, you can do peace of mind, and peace of mind is the premise of reading.Every book on the shelf is a friend, and only when you settle down can you start a conversation.It was on such a quiet night that I asked Victor Hugo again to open his les Miserables.Some books affect one’s whole life. Les Miserables is one of them.Some books are like a person you love and stay with you all your life. Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables is such a book for me. A book is like a person you love and will affect your whole life.The famous writer Ye Zhaoyan said in an article, “Without Hugo, without Hugo’s Les Miserables, my life would be unknown.”Many times, one book, one article can change a person’s life.For example, in China around 1921, many young Chinese took part in the revolution, defected to Yan ‘an and became revolutionaries after reading such books as “New Youth” and “Xiangjiang Review”. This is all the influence of books.Therefore, it is understandable that books affect human progress and a person. I read Hugo’s Les Miserables before I was 17 years old. I could not afford books at that time, so I borrowed them from the library or exchanged books with my classmates.Later, after earning my own money, buying books was the most enjoyable thing.Wherever I live, people who sell books in bookstores quickly turn from strangers to acquaintances.If it wasn’t for books, we would never have met.At that time, the hunger for books was like a hungry person, reading books and buying world classics, just like addiction, is a kind of crazy reading state.All the great literary works of the world I remember today were read during that time.Because of the wandering of life, do not take too many books, only to choose to discard, hold in the hand, and then disappear from the hand.I don’t know whether I’m a traveler or a traveler.Gathered, scattered, scattered and gathered, gathered and scattered.Not with books, not with people.Between people, if scattered, perhaps is never goodbye, or even never meet again.But the book is not the same as friends, it is not afraid of discarding, even if it is discarded, find it, is still the warmest friend.I can’t remember how many times I bought Les Miserables, but I was intrigued by the different editions.Before the age of 30, I wrote a lot of articles. One day at the age of 30, IT was Because of Hugo’s Les Miserables that I decided that I could no longer publish those shallow words. On the one hand, I was lonely and proud, and on the other hand, I felt that I could no longer write as before.There is no doubt that a person who is addicted to writing and has literary ideals will set a benchmark for his writing life, and let this benchmark become the yardstick to measure his products.I think Mr. Ye Zhaoyan regards Hugo as a benchmark.No one can duplicate Victor Hugo. He was an impassable monument.Mr. Ye Zhaoyan will not be Hugo, but Ye Zhaoyan pushed himself to a literary height through Hugo’s benchmark.If you are grateful for a book that stays with you and sustains you during the toughest times of your life, Les Miserables is one of those books for me.Two, want to recite the heart of the master’s book.If you could choose two books to have next to your pillow for the rest of your life, what would they be?If this choice is given to me, THEN I will choose Les Miserables by French writer Victor Hugo and Silent Don by Former Soviet union writer Shokhorov.In my eyes, they are all epic works.Since my boyhood, these two books have accompanied me to many places, and I read them in my spare time, and I read them over and over again, and even when I went to the bathroom, I would turn over a few pages, with a desire to recite every page of them, which is a completely impossible thing to do.Each is a million words in the heart of the macro epic, how can remember?This wish, just evidence of the infatuation and love of this book.Besides reread and reread, I tried to remember the beginning of this great work: in 1815, M. Charles Francois-Bienvenu Myriel was still Bishop of D –.He was seventy-five or six years old.He has been in this post since 1806.”Les Miserables unfolds the magnificent social life and historical transformation of France through the life fate of the hero jean Valjean. It can be said that it is a history of the transformation and spiritual history of the French nation, with epic ups and downs. Every time you read it, you will be shocked.Every time reading, will be open, as he wrote, “when a person inner darkness will crime, the guilty is not a crime, is guilty of manufacturing the darkness of the people”, “books are the tools of make the soul”, “never afraid of thieves and murderers, and whether it is the danger, small risk, still afraid of our own, prejudices, is a thief, bad habits,The murderer.”Profound language and immortal thoughts, always let a person fall into deep meditation.The Book of Compassion.A great novel, it has the exploration of the human spirit and provides the infinity of thought, so, for the great novel, we always cannot simply sum up what it expresses, Les Miserables is such a great novel.Les Miserables, through the narration of Jean Valjean, Fantine, Javert and other figures, reflects the transformation of French society and the spiritual struggle of the French nation, and explores the universal destiny of human life.Therefore, in this sense, Les Miserables is no longer a simple story and a novel in the general sense, but a book of compassion expressing human suffering.Therefore, Victor – Hugo is not a writer in the general sense, he is a giant, is a thinker who provides ideas.French philosopher and literary writer Jean-Paul Sartre said Hugo was “one of the few writers, perhaps the only one, who has truly gained popular popularity” in France.French writer Romain Rolland said, “Of all the great men of literature and art, Hugo is the only one who lives in the hearts of the French people.”French poet Baudelaire said, Hugo was a genius beyond borders.So what is a writer like Victor Hugo, if not a giant?There are many stars in the sky. Victor Hugo is one of the brightest stars.