“A dream of rivers and Lakes” super shock limited time activities to eat and drink to meet your requirements in all directions

2022-04-23 0 By

Since its launch in 2018, the national martial arts mobile game “A Dream is all Around The World” has won the love of countless game fans with its excellent gameplay.With the arrival of the fourth anniversary, the official is also launched a new expansion “all things living”, new fashion, new gameplay……Bring different game experience to the players.In addition to these, “A Dream is all Corners of the Country” also prepared for us a very shocking grand ceremony — Wonderful Meeting in Jinling.The event, which will officially kick off at 19:00 PM tonight (January 27), has been extended until 24pm in order to give players a smoother experience.Friends, hurry to bring friends, go together ~ you know, in jinling magic party, “A Dream is all corners of the Country” to bring us dozens of interesting play, eat, drink and play, everything.Rings, sky lantern flying, Spring Festival couplets…If you don’t want to walk, it doesn’t matter, “A Dream is all Corners of the Country” has prepared all kinds of beautiful floats.Rabbit float, tiger float, duck float, if you can about the beloved person, follow the float around Jinling a circle, that is the most envy of the whole river’s lake of a couple ~ interesting is, “A Dream river’s lake” also prepared for us sky lanterns!After signing the waiver, players can fly in the sky lanterns over the Jinling City, take in the lake night scenery, beautiful wonderful zai!There is activity, there must be welfare!All players who log in at 7am on January 27th and have reached level 19 will be able to receive the permanent headhang “Wonderful · Knock Cute” via email.”A Dream is a River’s Lake” also added in the atmosphere value of the reward “heavenly treasure box”, we can open the permanent head hanging “wonderful arrow”;Of course, there are certain conditions to get, the atmosphere value of the day reached the fifth gear, all the partners who have played cards can receive!At the same time, as long as we complete a punch, can get wonderful points and wish lights value, wonderful points can be used in the points mall to exchange gifts, including Haojou stone and permanent toy optional treasure box gifts, don’t miss it!In addition, fashion · Jiaxi Yongle also online, red wall gold tile inlaid in brocade fabrics, supplemented by gold flying python, pearl jade ornament among them, swaying appearance, extremely rich and noble.Wear it, it is definitely the richest young lady in Jinling city ~ gorgeous and clever cloth, should frost day, leisurely hand swim, Zhu Chunling also come, after wearing, do not look too good!All the above information can be obtained in the golden Lion blessing event. It is not long before tonight’s audio-visual feast, so hurry up!